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Netshield’s Cloud Platform and Gateways harmonise your IoT environment

A combination of effective IoT and Cloud solutions can enhance your company’s workflows, making it easier to remotely control and reboot equipment, as well as monitor and manage the performance of various points of presence while off-site.

The use-cases for the communication technology that IoT offers encompasses a wide variety of industries – from mining and manufacturing, to the medical and financial fields.

Navigating the complicated jargon and figuring out which solution you require can be a challenge, however.

Netshield is a specialist provider of tailor-made end-to-end IoT and Cloud based products and services. Its engineering teams possess the skills to ascertain which elements would help you streamline your business, and to customise, structure, and maintain these systems on your behalf.

Netshield’s customisable set of IoT and Cloud products will ensure that your company’s systems are optimised for peak productivity and minimal downtime.

Netshield’s IoT Cloud Platform

Netshield’s products provide accurate real-time environmental monitoring and control, power level tracking and alerts to your immediate location.

An agnostic IoT and IIoT Cloud Platform includes device management to bring all of the elements of your interconnected environment together and provide easy access to the state of your systems.

The agnostic nature of Netshield’s IoT/IIoT Cloud platform makes it easy for clients to migrate seamlessly from one cloud service provider to another, or even to share services across multiple cloud computing platforms.

The Netshield Platform was built and deployed on Docker Containers and Kubernetes, with NoSQL Atlas Mongo as a database storage service, Redis for cache and Grafana as live monitoring tool.

For security, the platform employs Identity Provider and supports Auth 2.0 and OpenID as core access.

All of these tools give the user a secure and complete overview of the information stored and relayed in their IoT ecosystem via user-friendly dashboards.

Point of Presence (PoP) IoT Sensor Convergence Gateways and Sensors

Additionally, Netshield supplies and maintains the hardware that performs all the backbone functions of your systems monitoring and sensing.

This includes a range of intelligent point of presence IoT sensor convergence gateways, each with a feeding utility power presence monitoring sensor, a rechargeable backup battery, and a battery indicator.

This will ensure that critical events can still be relayed during power outages and load-shedding.

Types of gateways available include an SMS-based GSM Point-of-Presence (PoP) Monitoring Gateway, a PoP GSM Monitoring Gateway and a PoP GSM and wired Ethernet Monitoring and Control Gateway.

It also offers Gateways for cabinets and the Datacentre environment.

Conveniently, alerts from gateways and sensors can be sent via services such as Telegram, Slack, email and text messaging. All status, event and alert messages are stored in the cloud for analytics.

Control over bandwidth usage

The Netshield PoP gateways have the capability of managing the use of out-of-band bandwidth, GSM (2G/3G/4G/LTE), LoRa and SigFOX’ space.

This function allows users to minimize the use of expensive bandwidth utilization by configuring the PoP Gateways in ether a status-event-alert related- or true IoT- setup.

In true IoT setup the gateways are not sensitive to bandwidth utilization and relays sensor samples as regularly as possible.

In the ‘status-event-alert setup’ the user configures the types of occurrences in ether status or event or alert modes, determined by criticality and trigger-levels of each sensor.

Then the user selects the preferred reporting period for each type of occurrence to minimize the bandwidth used.

Data collecting sensors

Netshield sells a wide variety of in-house and 3rd party integrated sensors for holistic data collection.

For environmental management and control, Netshield boasts a range of essential locally- and internationally-sourced sensors. These include:

  • Seismic and vibration
  • Class I AC Energy metering
  • DC metering and battery monitoring
  • Air and Liquid flow and rate metering (water, petrol chemical and alkali)
  • Fire detection and suppression modules
  • Gas detection and air quality
  • Gas Pressure
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Fluid level indictors and fluid presence (water, petrol chemical and alkali)
  • Access controllers (Biometric, RFID, Keypad)
  • Load Cells
  • Indicative light and sounding Beacons
  • Noise exposure
  • Proximity, IR, Movement, Motion, Accelerometer and Magnetic Inertia
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Pyrometer and photodetection

Catered for your unique requirements

Netshield undertakes a three-step process to ensure that you receive the best possible, customised solution. This includes elaborate research and development before user onboarding is undertaken.

With Netshield as your business’s partner in IoT, you will save valuable time and resources, as you won’t need your employees to monitor and manage each of your points of presence from the ground.

This article was published in partnership with Netshield.

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Netshield’s Cloud Platform and Gateways harmonise your IoT environment