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Codehesion – The mobile app development specialists

Codehesion is South Africa’s leading mobile app development company, with many successful Android and iOS projects under its belt.

The company was founded by Hector Beyers – a highly-experienced software architect who holds a Master’s in Computer Engineering (Cum Laude) from the University of Pretoria.

To achieve his vision of providing world-class software development services to South African companies, Beyers employed the best developers in the country.

This strategy has worked, and Codehesion now has a highly-skilled team of software engineers and computer scientists who specialise in Android and iOS app development.

This specialisation means Codehesion can produce world-class products faster and more affordably than other companies.

It has also helped the company to maintain an impeccable track record of meeting deadlines and producing mobile apps within budget.

Free and easy consultation process

Codehesion makes it easy for companies to build their first mobile app, or to improve and add features to their current app.

The first step is a free consultation about the mobile app and what the company’s requirements are.

Codehesion will then produce a proposal which includes a clear road map, development time frames, and pricing for the project. All of this is done free of charge.

Beyers encouraged companies who are looking to build an Android or iOS app to contact Codehesion for a free consultation, by completing the form below or visiting their website here.

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Codehesion – The mobile app development specialists