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All the options you should consider before registering a domain name

As we head into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a company’s digital presence becomes all the more important.

The shift has moved from merely being online to being visible online.

Obtaining online visibility is tougher than it sounds because companies aren’t completely aware of the full scope of this competitive landscape.

Every action counts online and all of these efforts should form part of an expertly curated digital marketing strategy.

Where does it all start? Believe it or not with the domain name you choose. Because every recognizable domain draws new customers.

Best-selling authors spend countless hours strategising the right name for the story they want to tell, and so should you!

But it is not only the actual name that’s important but the extension as well.

Times have changed and in keeping with this, new and innovative domain name extensions such as .tech, .joburg and .online have burst onto the scene.

At the start of a new decade, that’s why a more modern approach to your website might not be a bad idea at all.

Here’s why choosing the right domain name is important:

  • One little domain can tell a bigger story doesn’t really tell the whole story. But, or better yet could.

A domain name can offer customers instant insights into where your company is located and what it does. Clever thought-out domain names can also send other indirect signals about your business like “we are internet-savvy”, “we think outside of the box”, “we innovate”.

  • The options are modern and diverse

Traditional premium domain name extensions will always be hot property but unfortunately, you might not be able to get the name combination you are after.

Why settle for another name if there is a more modern extension that could add more value? An online store could work perfectly with a. online or. site extension for example. A .design could add value to an architecture or graphic design company.

And if you think about it, geographic domain extensions such as .joburg, .durban, .capetown and .africa could add considerable value to services and travel companies in the local area.

  • Your business can be more memorable

If you are able to select a domain name that is memorable, you are well on course to building that formidable presence everyone is fighting for online.

It is an advantage if your domain name can be easily recalled and searched for. It’s great for direct navigation traffic, and when it is good for direct traffic, you can be sure it is excellent for your site’s SEO.

We have built a brand and company around our own domain,, and it works.

The point is, you should think and consider your options before registering just any domain name because the right one can work harder for you. is a domains and hosting company specialising in VPS and WordPress Hosting.

All hosting packages include a free domain name registration and a whole host of other amazing features.

Furthermore,’s advanced website builder called Site Builder, has helped thousands of startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses obtain visibility online.

In February the company is offering customers new African geographic top-level domain name (gTLDs) registrations for only R30*. Promotion valid until 29 February 2020.

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All the options you should consider before registering a domain name