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How to build a winning content marketing campaign

Content marketing is the best way to reach ICT executives, professionals, and decision makers.

This was a primary finding in the 2020 South African Tech Marketing Report, and reinforced why leading brands are spending more time and budget on content marketing.

Online articles and reviews, two popular forms of content marketing, were also found to be the most trusted form of advertising among ICT professionals.

To help you take advantage of the power of content marketing, we have provided a guide on how build a winning campaign below.

Tech Marketing
2020 South African Tech Marketing Report

1. Identify your objectives

What do you want to achieve with your content marketing campaign, and what are your metrics for success?

It is crucial to define what you want to achieve with a campaign, and assess and measure its performance along the way.

If you are an online store, for example, you may want to increase customer sign-ups and sales.

You must ensure that your content will help achieve these goals.

2. Focus on how to solve a problem

Once your objectives are defined, you can start creating a content campaign.

Your messaging must highlight the unique or superior aspects of your company, product, or service – and how it addresses a current business problem.

Using an example of a cloud services provider: a business problem may be that South African customers are looking to save on costs and reduce the amount of time IT staff spend maintaining their on-premises equipment.

The messaging for this content campaign must then focus on how moving to an integrated cloud solution can save a business money and reduce the number of hours IT staff are required to work.

3. Pick the right platforms

The best content campaigns can die instantly if you do not select the right platforms.

Pick the platforms which your target market are on, and which have a large audience. Content will also not have success unless it is on a platform which is influential.

The credibility of the platform is important, too. Be careful not to select small platforms or individuals to share your message if they have no real clout in the market.

Additionally, it is important to see where your content is placed on the platform.

You want your content on a platform’s homepage; shared through its email newsletters; and posted to its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Ensure your content is not hidden in a press office or a portal which receives little traffic and exposure.

4. Measure performance

Make sure you continually measure the performance of your content campaign, using the right metrics.

Many platforms will tell you that your content received thousands of “shares” and “impressions” – but did anyone actually read your content?

Furthermore, did anyone contact your business or visit your company’s website after the content went up?

Key metrics you must measure are:

  • Unique engagements / Unique reads
  • In-article link clicks / Leads
  • Number of users who contacted you from a content piece

5. Take a sustained approach

Not all customers are ready to buy a product or service when they see your content marketing.

In fact, research has shown that only 3% of consumers are ready to buy at any given time.

Not all customers will be in the same stage of the buying journey either, and you need to ensure your company, brand, product, or service is always top of mind.

Publishing one or two pieces of content every six months will not yield results – you need to take a sustained approach to ensure that when a customer is ready to buy, your content is in front of them.

For more information on launching your own content marketing campaign, contact MyBroadband Business MD Kevin Lancaster on [email protected]

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How to build a winning content marketing campaign