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The benefits of LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting

According to usage statistics provided by W3Techs, WordPress powers over 35% of websites on the Internet and is by far the most popular content management system (CMS).

The latest data from the 1st of January 2020 shows WordPress has a CMS market share of over 62%, sitting way ahead of other popular systems like Joomla, Shopify and Drupal.

WordPress is constantly evolving with improvements taking place all the time.

Recent highlights include the sometimes controversial block based editor code named Gutenberg and the release of Google Site Kit, an official WordPress plugin that helps website owners to stay on top of their game.

According to Search Engine Land, page load time and crawl budget rank will be the most important SEO factors in 2020.

Google also now includes an experimental page speed feature in Google Search Console meaning webmasters have easy access to current and historical load times.

Although end users have been installing cache plugins to speed up WordPress for years, a little-known fact is that caching should also be enabled on the server side.

Most web designers are familiar with Apache and its faster competitor NGinx, but there is another web server called LiteSpeed which has both a client-side cache and server-side technology built especially for WordPress.

In this world where the ideal loading time for a website is 2 to 5 seconds, getting the entire ecosystem correct is critical.

Vander Host, a company founded by the original founders of Snowball, offers cPanel based WordPress hosting and the LSCache plugin for all WordPress websites.

Their hosting solutions range from single WordPress sites for the small business market, to fully redundant real time replicated dedicated servers running 100s of WordPress sites.

Vander Host was founded late 2018 when Storm van der Merwe approached his brother Eugene van der Merwe to see if he would be interested in a new partnership for hosting.

“When we founded Snowball in 1998 it was IIS and FrontPage, then Joomla, then Drupal, but pretty soon WordPress took over. Today WordPress has near dominance and we felt that starting a new venture based on this amazing technology will be an ideal business,” said Eugene.

The brothers are super focussed on excellence in customer service, superior server infrastructure and supplies services in over 10 data centres world-wide. They have a knowledgebase which was built up over a period of 20 years.

“We offer competitive pricing, instant activation, and superior systems to manage your WordPress and digital assets,” said Storm.

Sign up now and experience Vander Host’s superior speed.

This article was published in partnership with Vander Host.

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The benefits of LiteSpeed WordPress Hosting