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Zscaler – Cloud security with unlimited Internet

With Enterprise Security moving into the Cloud, security service providers like Zscaler will inadvertently replace traditional ISPs as providers of Internet to their customers.

Accelerate Networks, Zscaler‘s partner in Africa, announced today that the new Zscaler POPs – expected to launch at the beginning of the second quarter (2020) – will include unlimited Internet access.

Zscaler delivers an in-line, Cloud-based security solution that eliminates the need for onsite security appliances.

In essence, the solution protects users when inside a network, behind an SD-WAN edge, or when mobile by forwarding all Internet traffic to enforcement nodes in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

With these two new connection options, Z-Scaler customers can eliminate their current monthly internet costs. The options include:

  1. Customers with their own AS Numbers will now be able to peer directly with Zscaler at major peering points,
  2. Customers can take advantage of Z-Connect – an Internet access service with zero-rated traffic to Zscaler. For most, this would include upward of 80% of their total traffic.

“Zscaler is used by South Africa’s largest banks, government departments and petrochemical companies. By introducing peering and Z-Connect, customers can eliminate substantial costs spent on Internet access as it’s already part of the Zscaler service” explains Stuart Hardy, Director at Accelerate Networks.

Historically, Zscaler customers have used Internet to forward all their traffic to the closest Zscaler POP, in effect they have been paying twice for Internet access.

By default, Zscaler includes Internet, and now it will open up direct peering through NAPAfrica and JINX.

For customers that cannot peer with Zscaler, they can select Z-Connect, a full L3 Internet service with a balance of no-cost peering access for traffic that goes to Zscaler POPs (80%+), and fee-based Internet access for bandwidth that bypasses Zscaler (if any) such as SD-WAN and private Cloud traffic.

Z-Connect is delivered by supported Internet partners in Southern Africa and includes L2 connection options to other peering points for companies wanting to extend their AS for HA.

Importantly, Z-Connect ensures that when a Zscaler POP is unavailable, customers will have full access to a High Availability (HA) POP either in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

“Zscaler’s national POPs deliver HA for end users and can extend to any of the 130 global Zscaler regions. Customers peering with Zscaler in the same POP can opt for a L2 link to the next peering point or for a full L3 service to support POP-to-POP failover. These options are included in Z-Connect and can significantly reduce or eliminate the cost of Internet to access Zscaler,” ended Hardy.

For more information on Zscaler and Z-Connect contact Stuart Hardy or go to

This article was published in partnership with Accelerate Networks.

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Zscaler – Cloud security with unlimited Internet