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The best data packages for streaming

Streaming movies and TV shows in South Africa is not only possible for customers with expensive fibre connectivity.

Although the large amounts of data required to stream video content means the ideal setup for effortless streaming is an uncapped fibre package, most households in South Africa do not yet have access to this service.

Several mobile operators and ISPs offer affordably-priced mobile deals that boast sufficient data for streaming plenty of hours of entertainment.

Showmax with 2GB streaming data at R99

Among the most notable deals, Showmax has partnered with Vodacom for a mobile-only offer that costs only R99 per month.

With this service, users are able to watch their favourite movies and shows on their smartphone or tablet.

The package includes a Showmax mobile subscription and 2GB Vodacom data for streaming up to 10 hours of content.

Month-to-month LTE packages

For those who want to spend more hours streaming on their TV or computer, a significantly higher data cap will be required.

ISPs like Afrihost and Axxess offer a range of data-loaded packages that run on Telkom and MTN’s networks.

These month-to-month deals include anytime data with an equivalent allocation of night-time data.

The offers can be taken out with a device or SIM-only.

Telkom LTE on Afrihost or Axxess (month-to-month) 

Data With device SIM-only
120GB (60GB + 60GB) R469 R399
160GB (80GB + 80GB) R569 R499
240GB (120GB + 120GB) R769 R699
440GB (220GB + 220GB) R1,069 R999

Telkom’s Night Time data is available between midnight and 07:00.

MTN Fixed-LTE on Afrihost or Axxess (month-to-month)

Data With device SIM-only
120GB (60GB + 60GB) R399 R349
200GB (100GB + 100GB) R599 R549
300GB (150GB + 150GB) R799 R749

MTN’s Night Express runs from midnight to 05:00. Note that in order to use MTN’s fixed-LTE product, an MTN-approved router is required.

These MTN deals are also available from Supersonic.

Data contracts

If you are willing to be tied into a contract for 24 months, mobile operators feature a number of packages that offer enough data to keep you streaming for hours on end.

Vodacom offers a Huawei B218H LTE Router on an 80GB Data Contract at R339 per month. This includes 50GB of anytime data and 30GB of Night Owl data, which is valid between midnight and 05:00.

Below are several of the best-priced SIM-only contract options from Telkom and MTN. The total data includes the same amount of anytime and night time data.

Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless Contracts (24 months)

Data Price
160GB (80GB + 80GB) R499
240GB (120GB + 120GB) R699
Uncapped R849

My MTNChoice contracts (24 months)

Data Price
80GB (40GB + 40GB) R299
120GB (60GB + 60GB) R699
200GB (100GB + 100GB) R999

Prepaid data packages

Mobile operators offer a number of prepaid data deals with plenty of data for streaming. Telkom boasts the best rates for prepaid data bundles, as indicated below. These bundles are also divided equally between anytime and night time-only data.

Data Price
120GB (60GB + 60GB) R459
160GB (80GB + 80GB) R559
240GB (120GB + 120GB) R759

Monthly prepaid video data bundles

Both Vodacom and Telkom offer monthly bundles that can only be used for video streaming on services like Netflix, Showmax and DStv Now.

Data Validity Price
  Vodacom URL 1GB 30 days R50
  Vodacom URL 3GB 30 days R107
  Vodacom URL 5GB 30 days R152
  Vodacom URL 10GB 30 days R246
  Telkom LIT 5GB 31 days R200
  Telkom LIT 10GB 31 days R280
  Telkom LIT 25GB 31 days R350
  Telkom LIT 50GB 31 days R400

Value-added services

Mobile operators often include allocations of streaming-only data with their packages. Be sure to check the exact terms and inclusions for the range of products on offer from various mobile operators.

Usage considerations

When streaming video services on a capped package, it is important to manage your usage by taking into account which devices you are using and adjusting the quality settings for the services on the browser or app.

On Showmax, users have the option to enable the “bandwidth capping” feature, which reduces data consumption by automatically adjusting video quality.

In general, light streaming users can choose data bundles which provide between 20GB and 40GB anytime streaming data.

Medium users should rather opt for between 60GB and 100GB anytime allocations, while heavy use requires more than 100GB of anytime data.

If you prefer not to worry about your data consumption, an uncapped package would be the best option.

For an estimation of your average data usage, you can use Showmax’s bandwidth calculator.

Sign up to Showmax now

Showmax and DStv Now offer loads of premium shows and movies.

A Standard Showmax subscription is priced at R99 per month, while a mobile subscription will cost you R49 per month.

Showmax recently launched a prepaid special offer for 3-month, 6-month or annual subscriptions, for select customers.

The packages available are:

  • 12 months – R475 (normally R1,188 – saving of R713)
  • 6 months – R297 (normally R594 – saving of R297)
  • 3 months – R199 (normally R297 – saving of R98)

To see if you are eligible for this offer, click here.

This article was published in partnership with Showmax.

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The best data packages for streaming