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Renew your vehicle licence disc online in 3 easy steps

Renewing a vehicle licence disc is often dreadful and frustrating, due to long queues of people lining-up at traffic departments, only to find one or two available tellers.

To make the process considerably easier, Renewonline offers South African citizens and businesses the option to renew their vehicle licence discs online – hassle-free!

Renewonline is the most affordable online renewal company on the market and delivers vehicle licence discs faster than any other online licence renewal company, as their renewal process is totally paperless.

This means that every part of the short 3-step renewal process is done online – saving you time and money.

Delivery in just 48 hours

Once the request for renewal has been processed, the renewed licence disc will be delivered to your door anywhere in the country in only 48 hours.

Renew at a store near you

Should you wish to renew at a physical point of contact, Renewonline also offers the option to do so at various retailers across the country.

These retailers include selected Spar stores, Pick ‘n Pay outlets, and PostNet outlets, as well as all Safari Outdoor outlets, and Family Pet Centre outlets.

Soon you will be able to renew it at all Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Usave and Shoprite outlets in Gauteng.

Company vehicle licence disc renewals

Renewonline also offers renewals for companies that have a whole fleet of vehicles, allowing companies to renew their entire fleet at once with the simple click of a button.

“You can even add multiple users on our system within your company with their own login details so they can keep an eye on things while you are on holiday,” said Gunther Engels company CEO at Renewonline.

What’s more is that while other renewal companies charge delivery fee per licence, Renewonline simply charges one delivery fee – meaning that you can renew more than one vehicle at the same time and will only pay one delivery fee.

*Currently Renewonline can only assist with vehicles registered and licenced in Gauteng, other provinces will follow in the near future.

Click here to renew your vehicle licence disc with Renewonline.

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