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Genesys and Google Cloud – The future of contact centre AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly capable of serving business’ needs across a vast range of areas.

While the technology was originally limited to basic services like simple chatbots, it has evolved significantly over the years.

One area where AI technologies continue to improve is in call centres.

The simple chatbots of old have evolved into comprehensive AI solutions that guide customers through complex interactions.

AI is already popular

Research by the MIT Technology Review found that 9 out of 10 companies already use AI solutions to improve their customer experience.

This research was based on feedback from nearly 600 executives from 18 countries, and shows that businesses need to be using AI in their customer journey process.

Key to the value of AI in customer service is that it allows businesses to provide consistently superior customer and agent experiences without requiring an increased number of agents – as the technology improves the productivity of each agent significantly.

Genesys and Google Cloud

One of the leading solutions on the market is Genesys AI integrated with Google’s Cloud Contact Centre AI solution.

The combination of these solutions uses AI to allow customers to communicate their queries in a way that feels natural, rather than through formulaic one-word responses and multiple-choice questions.

This means customers are able to communicate more in-depth and nuanced information, and in turn, the business can provide better responses and feedback.

To ensure its AI contact centre solution is expertly equipped to deal with natural conversations as outlined above, Genesys implements the following two technologies into its contact centre AI solution:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) works out what a customer actually means. This is important because it allows the solution to understand what the user is trying to accomplish, and by extension, how they can be assisted to achieve this.
  • Synthesis of speech involves your AI solution responding to the customer (or agent) in a way that makes it feel like they are speaking with another human. If your responses seem computer-generated, customers will respond accordingly – negating the benefits NLU provides.

Genesys Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that uses Google’s NLU to listen to customer calls, determine what the customer wants, and help the agent respond accordingly.

This allows for rich conversations powered either by Google Dialogflow or Genesys DialogEngine.

Blended AI is another powerful solution from Genesys that combines humans and automation to provide a better contact centre experience, including Kate – the Genesys virtual assistant that can assist both customers and employees.

Benefits of AI-powered contact centres

The AI technology used in the integration of Genesys AI with Google Cloud Contact Centre AI offers powerful benefits to customers.

Firstly, by being able to deal with customers in an organic way, there will be fewer delays and queues that are usually suffered by traditional systems that ask users to press certain buttons depending on their requirements.

Anyone who has tried to navigate through such a system can attest to the frustration of being placed on hold or being put through to the wrong department.

Secondly, this AI technology allows customers to provide information once, and have this information processed and stored by the solution for use throughout the process.

Customers find it frustrating to repeat information every time they speak with a new person or bot – and through Genesys’s solution, this is no longer a problem.

Finally, these services are competent throughout the customer service chain.

This means that if your agent is not well-trained in something, the AI solution can help them still provide great service to the customer by providing the relevant information and data to the agent.

Download the White Paper

Genesys has developed an eBook which lets those interested learn more about how Genesys, in partnership with Google Cloud, can help their businesses access the future of contact centre AI.

Click here to download the eBook.

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Genesys and Google Cloud – The future of contact centre AI