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How Webfleet Solutions is shaping South Africa’s mobility

The acquisition of TomTom telematics by Bridgestone in 2019 combined the industry knowledge and expertise of a market-leading global telematics solutions provider with the far-reaching expertise in tyres and vehicles of the world’s leading tyre company.

This collective industry knowledge and capability has paved the way for advanced fleet management and insight into vehicle data.

The result is smarter mobility solutions that are geared towards powering a new standard for telematics.

Today, Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone company, has made it possible for fleet managers to connect with their vehicles wherever they might be on the road, using telematics technology to gain insight into vehicle and driver behaviours.

This allows fleet managers to know where their vehicles are and how they are being used, via a dashboard on the mobile device of their choice.

“Using Webfleet Solutions’ market-leading digital solutions, fleet managers can monitor vehicle performance from a dashboard that makes it easy to decipher valuable data, enabling decision-makers to take action when it is needed,” said Justin Manson, Sales Director for Webfleet Solutions South Africa.

“Our focus is on giving fleet managers the detailed insights they need to understand all the factors that impact on the running of their business, including considering real-time traffic information when assigning the most appropriate driver to the next job, or even ensuring drivers take a predefined route.”

Webfleet Solutions has set its sights on continuously improving its services to help vehicle drivers and fleet managers benefit from the many opportunities that stem from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As one of the world’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fleet management solutions, Webfleet Solutions equips businesses with the capabilities to improve vehicle performance, save on fuel, support driver performance and, with enhanced visibility of vehicle data, increase overall fleet efficiency.

By adapting its offering to the digital transition that is sweeping across the globe, Webfleet Solutions can improve a business’s ability to access essential software easily and efficiently.

This way, fleet managers can manage their vehicles, including odometer readings, distance travelled, driving behaviour and maintenance, from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.

“We understand that our focus needs to go beyond just tyres and telematics if we are to drive the future of mobility. We need to continue introducing new technologies that are capable of powering industries throughout the globe, enabling fleet managers to better organise their vehicles and drivers by connecting them to critical analysis of their vehicles’ data,” concluded Manson.

This article was published in partnership with Webfleet Solutions.

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How Webfleet Solutions is shaping South Africa’s mobility