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Taking your business remote is simple, with the right business phone solution provider

Coronavirus is disrupting business operations across the world. Keeping their employees safe is a priority for businesses, but likewise, the business has to keep running.

Business decision-makers don’t want to find out that they are trading employee safety for the future viability of the business.

Technology can help balance this, and if you are a Euphoria Telecom customer, sending employees home and keeping them productive is simple and cost-effective.

Going remote is easy with Euphoria Telecom:

  • Version 3 of the Euphoria Mobile App is FREE to customers for 3 months, until 30 June 2020, to help you seamlessly transition to remote working without incurring extra costs.
  • Employees can plug their IP desk phones into any modem with an internet connection or work using a laptop and browser phone.
  • Using our mobile app, employees can transfer all their calls to their mobile phones and work from wherever they are. The app is available for Android and iOS and lets staff put their desk phones in their pockets.
  • Employees can call each other on their work extensions at no charge, and transfer calls to other extensions and mobile phones, all from home, or wherever they are as long as they have a good, stable internet connection. Good connectivity is critical to ensure a working solution.
  • Extensions can be set to forward to mobile phones by clicking one button.
  • For call centres, employees can log into our Agent Workspace remotely, allowing time and attendance to be monitored.
  • Calls from our system can be easily rerouted to other numbers as the number isn’t tied to a fixed location, meaning calls can be forwarded anywhere very easily.

With modern technology, many companies elect to work virtually – only ever meeting online or for a quarterly or annual get together.

For more traditional organisations this could be an opportunity to explore more flexible work hours, to meet the needs of their employees and work around ongoing considerations like load shedding and high traffic volumes.

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Taking your business remote is simple, with the right business phone solution provider