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The best way to boost your company’s online presence – Yellow Pages Digital

For businesses to thrive in the digital age, a solid online presence is essential.

Consumers turn to the Internet for quick access to service and product providers. They require reliable, easy-to-access contact information to get in touch with a company.

Each consumer is unique and will search for a company that is able to cater to their individual requirements.

If you want your business to be found, you must ensure that its updated information is easy to locate across multiple digital platforms.

 Allowing potential clients to have a seamless route to engage with your company is the first step to building a mutually beneficial business-client relationship.

As a company which ensured South Africans were able to get in touch with businesses even before the advent of the Internet and Google Search, Yellow Pages possesses the experience to get your business noticed.

Yellow Pages Digital now offers businesses an unparalleled online presence with customised bundled digital solutions like the YellowMyStart package.

5-page website

To start with, the package includes a website for your business that can consist of up to 5 pages.

This will be more than enough to provide an overview of your company, services and products, contact details and any other information you would like consumers to be able to find.

A website will also help to boost your company’s professional image and give your offerings added authenticity.

However, a website won’t be the only place you would want your business to be found.

Including all the information

Consumers will want to locate companies based on a number of criteria.

For example, one may look for a pizza restaurant which also offers vegan options and is open right now.

Another could be seeking a printing company that can mass-produce shirts and caps within a certain budget while you wait.

Your company may meet each requirement of a given example, but if this information is not readily available across multiple platforms, your business will be missed.

Neglecting this could mean that your business is not listed near the top of the search results.

According to Forbes, 93% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page when looking information on the web.

Syncing your listings

For this, the YellowMyStart package includes a feature known as YP-SYNC, which ensures that your company can get found by 5,000 users who are ready to buy.

Yellow Pages Digital scans your current business details online and reports the findings back to you.

In the event that you have updated or changed any information, it uses smart technology to synchronise this information automatically and distribute the correct business details across all the relevant digital platforms.

This way, the latest, accurate and consistent information of your business is displayed across 15 digital platforms – including those provided by Google, Facebook, and TomTom.

More listing locations

Many consumers may prefer to use alternative avenues to find a business that can fulfil their needs.

With YellowMyStart businesses are added to the Talking Yellow Pages hotline.

Users can dial 10118 to use voice-assisted search to help them find the products and services they are looking for.

For the typical smartphone user, an app provides even more convenience than browsing through web pages

For this, your company will be listed on the Yellow Pages App, a free platform which has over 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store.

The app enjoys a 4.2-star rating on both Google’s store and the Apple App Store.

Social media

The importance of a sufficient social media presence should not be underestimated.

Consumers often turn to these platforms to view recommendations or ask questions about a company.

To serve this, YellowMyStart will create a professional Facebook page for your business.

Limited-time promotion

The YellowMyStart bundle is normally available for R999 per month.

However, for a limited time, businesses can get YellowMyStart at a discounted rate of R599 per month on a 24-month contract.

Sign up now and let your business be found, with an unparalleled online presence delivered by Yellow Pages Digital.

Click here to sign up to a YellowMyStart package today.

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The best way to boost your company’s online presence – Yellow Pages Digital