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Keep your company’s supply chain running during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to have an enormous impact on businesses all around the world.

According to a survey from the Institute for Supply Management, 75% of companies have reported supply chain disruptions due to the outbreak.

This has shown the risk of centralising supply to one corner of the world – China – where the outbreak originated.

As lockdowns were implemented across the country, production levels at factories nosedived and companies around the globe struggled to get the stock they needed to sell to consumers.

Panic-buying worsened the strain on supply chains as people rushed to stock up on food, toilet paper and other essentials.

As a specialist provider of ERP and other business integrated software, SYSPRO can help businesses maintain their supply chains during crises like the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

To address supply chain shortages going forward, certain companies have diversified their supplier base to include more local manufacturers and factories located in other regions of the world.

Diversifying your supply chain is a necessary measure which can help you keep supply levels healthy in the event that particular streams are endangered.

However, a more expansive supply stream can make the monitoring and tracking of stock levels harder.

Digital solutions for the digital age

Digitising your supply chain can help you manage and co-ordinate this complexity and ensure that you have a full picture of the situation regarding supplies in your warehouses, operations at factories and the status of shipments.

SYSPRO Avanti is a web interface that functions within your company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Avanti provides the same ERP experience across all platforms on a range of devices.

The system improves your supply chain management in the following ways:

  • Supply Chain Portal – Creates a platform to invite suppliers to participate in the buying process.
  • Minimises document handling and manual activities, such as stock-taking.
  • Facilitates internal cross-functional collaboration.
  • Enhances corporate governance by enabling online engagement with suppliers.
  • Increases traceability of participants in the chain.

Remote management

The SYSPRO Avanti web interface allows users to connect from any place at any time to keep supply operations running with minimal feet on the ground.

As the World Health Organization has recommended social distancing as one of the measures that could help prevent the spread of COVID-19, tools that allow for remote access of systems are ideal.

Although not all employees in the manufacturing and distribution sectors are able to work remotely, using technology like SYSPRO Avanti can help reduce the required on-site workforce.

With Avanti, the responsible employees can view and manage processes from the office, factory floor or from home.

SYSPRO also offers the Espresso mobile app, which allows for easy access to business information and supplier and inventory data directly from a mobile device.

For enterprise-wide collaboration and seamless communication between employees, SYSPRO provides the Harmony Social ERP.

The platform allows engagement between colleagues, in addition to insights on customer sentiment.

This decreases the overall level of contact that is necessary among employees, and with customers, lowering the risk of staff members falling ill.

Deploy measures remotely

Additionally, SYSPRO Avanti allows permitted users to add supplemental receiving and manufacturing steps to your current processes to account for necessary precautions in times of crises.

For example, you can add additional quality assurance measures, such as the sanitation of goods by wiping down and spraying these with the appropriate chemical cleaners before they are allowed into warehouses, storeroom or manufacturing lines.

This lowers the risk of workers coming into contact with potentially tainted goods.

Optimise your supply chain now

Global disasters like the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has devastating ramifications for many companies.

However, crises lend themselves to innovation and can provide new insights into how businesses can improve their systems even long after the worst effects have dwindled.

With SYSPRO as your digital supply chain partner, you can strengthen your supply chain, making it more resistant to real-life circumstances.

Click here to enhance your supply chain management with SYSPRO’s Avanti supply chain portal.

This article was published in partnership with SYSPRO.

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Keep your company’s supply chain running during the COVID-19 crisis