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Micro Focus ALM Octane – The ultimate enterprise DevOps platform for continuous delivery and quality

When developing new solutions and applications, it is critical that the process remains smooth.

A breakdown in communication between the various parties involved can suddenly result in a product that is substantially different to that which, the customer originally envisioned.

This is why it is critical that businesses optimise the quality, Agile and integrated management process as recently highlighted at the Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020 conference.

Micro Focus ALM Octane

ALM Octane is a product from Micro Focus that ensures high-quality application delivery and continuous integration of new features, and fixes via Enterprise DevOps Agile management.

This is done thanks to ALM Octane’s intuitive system that allows for processes, build results, test run results and more to easily be tracked, integrated, and managed on a continuous basis through modules such as My Work and Team Backlog.

The solution offers essentially unlimited scaling—meaning you can access corporate visibility and lifecycle across your entire enterprise from one management platform.

How it works

The ALM Octane solution drives Agile capabilities, and allows ideas to be communicated by various teams in a formal yet, spoken language.

This ensures that other teams involved in the process can immediately receive this insight, and implement what they need to implement immediately.

This extends to quality testing of which, various third-party tools can easily be integrated—including manual, Gherkin and automated testing.

If a developer notices a new feature that could be added to improve the application, they can detail this application, and the business analyst can either confirm or deny that this is in line with what the customer wants from the product.

Another example to highlight, is if additional security measures need to be implemented into the existing code, this can easily be executed with ALM Octane, and the appropriate party can signal that they are attending to the matter.

On this note, another benefit of ALM Octane is that it can also be integrated into DevSecOps installations, including security solutions from Micro Focus.

ALM Octane can also be integrated into various other Agile methodologies and frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, and XP.

How it works in practice

Micro Focus customers have found that when transforming their software engineering processes, Octane has been a very valuable tool.

It is of critical importance that these businesses do not compromise their reputations for excellence in this transitional process – or after the fact.

One way that this is achieved is through the use of test tooling, which plays a critical role in delivering tangible benefits to the business.

These benefits not only help businesses maintain their reputations, but also provide additional value.

An example of this is how Octane allows for increased speed to market. Businesses who have used Octane have seen speed to market increase from monthly to weekly cycles.

Octane is also expertly equipped to help businesses transition from siloed processes to continuous pipelines, and modular tests and shared libraries allow for testing and development teams to work in tandem.

All of this is possible thanks to Micro Focus’ ALM Octane solution – which allows for the continuous process of software testing and development through an intuitive platform.

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Micro Focus ALM Octane – The ultimate enterprise DevOps platform for continuous delivery and quality