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ESM and automation – Why Micro Focus leads the way

Services have become prevalent in just about every area of the enterprise, and they continue to increase in quantity.

With so many services to manage, it is a complicated exercise to keep all these services, as well as the data and resources they used, integrated within the greater enterprise.

This is why Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions like Micro Focus’ SMAX has become a crucial part of enterprise infrastructure.

ESM takes the IT Service Management (ITSM) concept and extends it across your entire enterprise.

This allows each area of your business to align and optimise its own services in accordance with the enterprise’s greater needs.

This is important because services and their data can affect multiple business areas in different ways – making it important to be able to track these services across your enterprise.

ESM provides enterprises with several other benefits, including improved productivity, ease of information sharing, and improved control over processes.

Automation and Machine Learning

Enterprises are moving towards automation wherever possible.

Running processes and services manually allows for human error, whereas automation can help your enterprise’s services run smoothly and with minimal hassles.

Because of this, automation is a critical element when implementing ESM – as it allows your services to be run and managed efficiently and with even less stress.

Micro Focus SMAX as a service is the world’s first ESM solution that is built upon machine learning and analytics that features an intent-based smart virtual agent with Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Because of this combination of automation and machine learning, SMAX can be used to route service requests, find answers using advanced search, and identify patterns in incidents and requests to improve internal processes.

ESM is also expertly positioned to drive the uptake of automated processes within your enterprise as it provides an optimal platform to launch such services and processes.

Codeless configuration

SMAX is also the only multi-cloud ESM on the market that offers entirely codeless configuration.

Through the codeless configuration and easy upgrades, SMAX users can create user-defined process-based applications – including tables and workflows – without writing any code.

This enables customers to take advantage of advanced analytics while dramatically reducing implementation times and overall TCO.

Upgrades are seamless and automatic – offering customers access to the latest features at all times.

Micro Focus – a market leader in South Africa

Micro Focus is a market leader in ESM, with its comprehensive Service Management Automation X (SMAX) solution helping you to optimise your business processes while implementing automation.

SMAX is a particularly great option for South African enterprises as, unlike many competing solutions, Micro Focus ensures your business’ data is stored within South Africa.

This is a critical consideration given the various data privacy laws and regulations relating to the transmitting of data across international borders.

Global experts have also confirmed that Micro Focus’ SMAX solution is an elite ESM – SMAX was named a market leader by an independent research firm in the latest evaluation of ESM vendors.

The report highlighted that Micro Focus has done a particularly good job of ensuring that analytics are easily actionable through its SMAX platform.

It also noted that Micro Focus has one of the most intelligent service management platforms on the market today, offering uniquely advanced automated change risk scoring and proactive change optimisation suggestions.

The report also highlighted Micro Focus’s broad portfolio, covering both IT operations management (ITOM) and DevOps.

It said SMAX is a good choice for customers looking for a comprehensive ESM platform that allows them access to emerging intelligent service management features.

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ESM and automation – Why Micro Focus leads the way