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Veeam and HPE partner to offer integrated data protection solution

HPE and Veeam have partnered to offer the market an integrated data protection solution.

The partnership involves the use of HPE hardware as a backbone, while the software is from Veeam.

Kamal Ravjee, Senior Business Development Manager at Axiz, explained that the core of Veeam’s solutions is made of a variety of agents for specific physical and cloud environments.

HPE, meanwhile, not only offers the full breadth of its primary storage systems – like the HPE 3PAR StoreServe and HPE Nimble Storage – but also its secondary storage data protection solution, HPE StoreOnce.

“This alliance of best of breed hardware with award-winning software allows organisations of any size, from small to enterprise, to create solutions that meet their specific environmental requirements,” said Kamal.

“Both these leaders in their own rights can provide hybrid IT and hyper-availability which is the key to realising hybrid IT,” Kamal added.

Veeam hyper-availability

Kamal explained that hyper-availability from Veeam talks to the need of the business being always-on.

“The platform is the most complete solution to help customers on the journey to automating data management and ensuring the hyper-availability of data,” said Kamal.

“It is the ability to access the right data from any source in the right manner for drive recovery, analytics, application development and uninterrupted digital services.”

Kamal explained there are 5 stages of the Hyper Available Enterprise product:

Backup – Talks to backing up all data and ensuring they are always recoverable.

Aggregation – Talks to ensuring protection and availability of data across multi cloud environments.

Visibility – Talks to having clear unified visibility and control into usage, performance issues and operations.

Orchestration – Talks to moving data to the best location across multi cloud environments to ensure business continuity.

Automation – Talks to self-managing data by learning to back itself up securing itself and recovering instantaneously.

Why choose Veeam and HPE’s solution?

There are many solutions for provide availability, but the one offered by Veeam and HPE is the logical answer for customers looking for such a solution.

This is because of a variety of factors:

  • Veeam already has over 280,000 customers and continues to grow rapidly.
  • Over 15M virtual machines are protected in 200 different countries.
  • Veeam’s NPS is 73 – three times the industry average.
  • Veeam has won over 80 industry awards and has therefore been recognised as a market leader.

HPE and Veeam: Better together

HPE and Veeam have a slogan: 1+1=3; Better Together.

Kamal explained that 1+1=3 comes from the HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software integrating the HPE 3Par all flash array and HPE Storeonce to make 1+1 equal 3 when it comes to application availability.

He added that Veeam and HPE are better together because they offer peace of mind.

Application availability, resource management, and simplicity are all provided by the partnership between HPE and Veeam, said Kamal – “It just makes sense.”

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Veeam and HPE partner to offer integrated data protection solution