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Pinnacle – Helping South African businesses transform with HPE solutions

South African companies will face many challenges and opportunities in the coming years as they are forced to transform how they operate.

This includes tackling how they use cloud services, how they store and secure their data – both on-premise and off-premise – and how they make use software-as-a-service offerings.

Central to succeeding in their transformations will be how a business modernizes its IT environment across both its internal and customer-facing assets. This is because every modern company now relies on an array of IT systems and software services to ensure their employees work optimally and their customers receive a high-quality service.

Pinnacle, a leader in South Africa’s ICT distribution sector, is ready to help their partners and customers make a success of their transformations into digitally-strong businesses.

Strong knowledge base & added value

Pinnacle’s HPE Solutions Architect, Jeremy Lichtenstein, said their goal when helping customers and partners is simple: Position the right solution for the right problem.

“Ultimately, it’s about making sure our customers (and their customers) obtain the solution that is right for their business as well as meeting their company goals,” said Lichtenstein.

Pinnacle has a strong track record in providing HPE solutions to businesses and has complemented this experience by ensuring they have skilled employees working for them. He added that resellers can also partner with Pinnacle to purchase HPE solutions for small businesses, as the presale technical assistance is a strong offering too.

“We make sure that Pinnacle consists of highly skilled solutions providers so that when our customers lack skills internally, we can still assist them to sell and provide a much larger solution. We also assist with upskilling technical teams at our customers so they can support that infrastructure after the fact,” said Lichtenstein.

Pinnacle’s presales team also offer the instalment of their solutions up to a production level to reseller partners, he said.

HPE GreenLake

As with any digital transformation strategy a business undertakes, accessing a solution from a trusted provider must be weighed against how much the solution will cost.

The long term benefits of transitioning to a new IT solution will always be weighed against the capital outlays a business will need to undertake and the total cost of ownership of the solution.

It is for this reason that HPE GreenLake was introduced into the market. It is an ‘as-a-service’ offering which delivers on-demand capacity and planning – combining the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premise IT.

A company can leverage HPE GreenLake to gain control over their IT spend, while lowering total costs. More importantly, companies only pay for what they use, and from a security and compliance perspective a company’s data is still theirs when they use HPE GreenLake.

Pinnacle stated that GreenLake offers the flexibility of the cloud while allowing users to store their data where they want.

A business will not have to store their data in AWS, G-Suite, or Azure – their complete solution can be built out for them and they can decide to either store it on-premise or in a third-party data centre.

A strong future for Pinnacle and HPE

Brand Head of Enterprise at Pinnacle, Gerhard Gouws, said that Pinnacle and HPE have strong future ahead, thanks to the two businesses aligning their strategies well.

He added that with cloud solutions still proving to be expensive in many instances, businesses will continue to look at hyperconverged solutions.

Pinnacle has therefore built up its enterprise offering to offer a range of hyperconverged solutions, backup and archiving solutions, and open-virtual desktop solutions. This allows Pinnacle to enhance the enterprise environment and offer customers proper solutions for their digital transformation journey.

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Pinnacle – Helping South African businesses transform with HPE solutions