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Smartphone app development for South African businesses

Codehesion is South Africa’s premier Android and iOS app development company, and makes it easy for businesses to build their own smartphone applications.

With a long list of successful Android and iOS app projects under its belt, Codehesion offers companies a streamlined process to get their own app in weeks.

These projects range from consumer apps to smartphone-based platforms to improve employee productivity and streamline business processes.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers said their experience helps them to guide clients on which type of app will work best for their business.

Additionally, they provide companies with a roadmap on the app development process and costing guidelines.

Add development cost

A regular question from companies is how much it costs to build a custom Android or iOS app.

The cost depends on the scope of the project, and typically ranges between R400,000 to well over R1 million.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers advised companies to use the services of a specialist app development company to keep costs down and ensure they get world-class apps.

Beyers explained that by employing experienced app developers, Codehesion can produce apps faster and more affordably – while giving better advice to clients.

Free and easy consultation

To make it easy for companies to see how Codehesion can help them to build their own smartphone app, it offers a free and easy consultation process.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers encouraged companies who are looking to build an Android or iOS app to contact them via their website.

For a risk-free consultation – Contact Codehesion here.

This article was published in partnership with Codehesion.

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Smartphone app development for South African businesses