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Provide security for remote workers with LucidView’s Business VPN

Working from home is a new reality. With nearly 3 billion people on lockdown and many working from home, this has also led to surges in malware and phishing attempts throughout the world.

This new reality is leaving corporate networks and home workers more at risk of ransomware, malware and other cyber-threats as the home users no longer enjoy the security typically provided in the corporate office by Firewalls and Proxy protection.

Users working from home usually work on their own devices (Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)) and make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the corporate network.

The problem is that all VPNs are not created equally and that most VPNs available pose a high risk to both business and users.

The majority of VPNs have been designed primarily to circumvent Internet security and are hosted far away, often in tax havens or countries with lax electronic communication laws.

They may, therefore, become conduits for piracy, malware, hackers and other nefarious activities.

LucidView has developed a secure Business VPN solution that enables employees to work from home while protecting both them and business.

The LucidView’s Business VPN has a number of unique features that makes it a true business VPN for the current WFH and BYOD reality.


The LucidView Business VPN has a very strict Internet Policy that protects users from malware and hackers. It prevents users from circumventing business policy while, at the same time, providing sophisticated security and detailed reporting.


The LucidView Business VPN provides Internet usage reports for business managers on all their VPN accounts on a daily and weekly basis.

Clock in & out solution

The LucidView Business VPN facilitates employees to work from home in a disciplined fashion by enabling them to clock-in and clock-out while monitoring their network while they are clocked in.

Manage and reduce bandwidth wastage for 3G/4G/5G and capped users

The Business Content Filter is very useful to effectively manage expensive bandwidth.

Reports inform users about their data usage so that they can be made aware of those pesky background downloads (such as Microsoft updates) that take place without their knowledge.

Locally Hosted

LucidView has VPN servers in South Africa, the UK, Europe and the USA

How to register

Companies can register their employees by simply submitting each employee’s email address and following a few basic steps as directed on the LucidView website.


The cost of this service is $2.00 per month per VPN user.

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Provide security for remote workers with LucidView’s Business VPN