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MyBroadband’s social media reach continues to grow

MyBroadband’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn reach has shown strong growth in 2020 as our follower numbers continue to climb.

MyBroadband and our social media platforms are also unique in the fact they are home to IT executives, IT professionals, business decision makers, industry influencers, and tech-savvy consumers.

This audience is highly valued by IT businesses, making MyBroadband the perfect place for South African companies to promote their products and services.

As of April 2020, MyBroadband’s social channels had a combined 250,000 followers:

  • Facebook – 118,000
  • Twitter – 101,000
  • LinkedIn – 31,000

This is in combination with MyBroadband’s industry-leading audience of over 3 million unique monthly South African browsers who visit our news website.

“The national lockdown has accelerated a digital shift for companies and consumers – a shift which had been gaining momentum in recent years,” said MyBroadband MD Kevin Lancaster.

“As a result, South Africa’s news websites have seen a huge increase in the number of people visiting them every day.”

Social media campaigns

Coinciding with the growth of MyBroadband’s social following is an increase in the number of companies taking pure social media campaigns with us.

These campaigns are used to target specific sections of MyBroadband’s audience and are an excellent way to fine-tune who sees your advertising.

MyBroadband’s Facebook campaigns are by far the most popular option, and have delivered excellent results for our advertising partners.

“Our Facebook campaigns are a great way to reach MyBroadband’s core audience,” said Lancaster.

“What makes these campaigns unique is our ability to create a custom audience using multiple layers of filtering, ensuring companies reach their target market every time.”

This article was published in partnership with MyBroadband.

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MyBroadband’s social media reach continues to grow