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Dell UDS – a simple, elegant solution to unstructured data

“Structure is not just a means to a solution. It is also a principle and a passion” – Marcel Breuer

Unstructured data – that is, discrete files stored outside database parameters – is a rapidly growing challenge for many businesses.

Up to 75% of all new data storage purchased by enterprises is geared towards managing this form of data – which is no wonder, when you consider that this problem is projected to double in size every two years.

Whether generated by people or machines, unstructured data can cause real headaches. Not only does it create additional administrative burdens, but it can prevent you leveraging the true value of the data that your company holds.

Unstructured data is often referred to as a “data lake” – a vast, amorphous pool of information. If you feel that your company is starting to drown, it’s time to take address the situation.

Consolidated data brings peace of mind through an enhanced understanding of the IT ecosystem. It can also save time and money through enabling more rapid analysis, and the faster delivery of IT services.

Data can be immensely powerful – but when it’s unstructured, the value it contains is inaccessible or hidden. Valuable insights into trends and market conditions can be missed, leading to mistakes being repeated or a failure to capitalise on opportunities.

Dell EMC Unstructured Data Storage (UDS) are engineered to harness the power of data and make it work for you. By consolidating your unstructured data, Dell UDS streamlines data management tasks and reduces workloads.

The Dell EMC Isilon is a market-proven solution that offers both flexibility and scalability, whether on your business premises or in the cloud.

This NAS scale-out platform is easily managed and can be scaled to address any performance and capacity requirements – no matter how demanding.

Unstructured data is a complex and sometimes daunting problem that requires a simple, elegant solution.

Dell UDS offers exactly that – no matter how deep your data lake, these data storage solutions are easy to manage and facilitate a simple, uncluttered IT environment.

Of course, efficient and economical data management is just the first stage. There is a pressing business need to derive additional value from enterprise data – to move from insights to innovation.

Consolidated data is a prerequisite for digital transformation and positioning your business for future growth.

By addressing the challenge of unstructured data, you can give your company an ideal launchpad for expansion – safe in the knowledge that Dell UDS has the capacity and flexibility to grow with you.

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Dell UDS – a simple, elegant solution to unstructured data