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CyberArk Alero extends Zero Trust Access to remote workers

CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR), the global leader in privileged access management, has announced expanded capabilities of CyberArk Alero to support emerging business continuity priorities.

Building on its core use case of enabling privileged access for remote vendors, Alero, a SaaS-based solution combining Zero Trust access and biometric multi-factor authentication, now allows remote employees simple and secure access to critical systems managed by CyberArk.

Securing access for remote workers is a critical element of business continuity strategies.

According to Forrester, 88 percent of organisations cite provisioning employees with remote access technologies so they can work remotely from a location with internet access as a key workforce continuity/recovery strategy.

Additionally, in just the last five years, remote work has grown 44 percent representing a clear need for organisations to ensure these workers, particularly those who require privileged access, can perform their jobs without disruption.

The rise in employees working from home or other locations has security ramifications, and many organisations do not have the appropriate technology, infrastructure or internal resources to effectively manage risk.

“At IDB, we pride ourselves on driving innovation and are always looking for ways we can better address the changing needs of our employees and customers,” said Dave Smithers EVP, CIO & COO at IDBBANK.

“We originally adopted CyberArk Alero to help us easily provision and secure privileged access for third party vendors. Expanding this capability to include remote employees is an exciting development – especially in today’s environment where work often needs to happen beyond our office walls. Knowing our remote users are secured gives us the confidence to be agile in any situation.”

CyberArk Alero is an industry leading solution designed to provide fast, easy and secure privileged access to remote users including third party vendors, employees and contractors.

CyberArk is the first and only vendor to combine Zero Trust access, biometric authentication and just-in-time provisioning without the use of VPNs, agents or passwords in one solution.

Unlike VPN-based solutions, CyberArk Alero removes the need to deploy additional infrastructure or hardware and provides granular, role-based access to critical internal systems regardless of user type, target system or environment.

“As organisations continue to embrace the benefits of remote work – be it out of necessity or simply offering employees flexibility – it’s critical they adopt an integrated and standardised method for workers and vendors to securely access the critical internal systems necessary to keep business up and running,” said Gil Rapaport, vice president, CyberArk Alero.

“By extending the capabilities of CyberArk Alero to now include remote employees, organisations can take advantage of the benefits of continued productivity while simultaneously mitigating security risks and reducing operational complexity.”

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CyberArk Alero extends Zero Trust Access to remote workers