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Lock down your legacy with accredited home-study

The Covid-19 global pandemic has created uncertainties in various industries, resulting in job uncertainties and financial concerns in many South African households.

However, no matter the global climate, education will always remain valuable. It plays a pivotal role in capacitating individuals with the necessary skills and tools to help stabilise economies.

However, during this time, even education institutions are facing major issues from having to swiftly move from traditional contact education to contactless/online education and restructure their programmes to meet the requirements of contactless learning.

Lyceum College is exempted from this particular stress as it has been a leading distance learning institution for 103 years, with its programmes specifically designed for independent home study.

Malcom X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Throughout history this always rings true. It is exactly why it has never been more important for one to acquire transferrable skills and broaden their knowledge.

Considering the current global pandemic and climate change, there is an urgent and an increasing demand for trained professionals who will aid in reducing disaster impacts, ensure public safety, provide law enforcement and help build economies back up.

Lyceum’s Faculty of Commerce offers programmes ranging from Public Administration, Financial Management and the very popular Bachelor of Commerce in Management amongst others.

It’s Faculty of Humanities  is at the forefront of training and education in the fields of public safety ranging from Disaster and Safety Management, Incident Management, Traffic and Metropolitan Policing and Criminal Justice.

With these qualifications’ graduates can take a leading role in the South African commerce industry or pursue several career paths in disaster management services, law enforcement, provincial and local traffic departments and metropolitan police departments, public safety and private security institutions.

Over the years Lyceum has maintained a proud legacy, producing more than 800,000 employable graduates who have gone on to make a difference in society.

You too can build your legacy and get a Higher Education qualification that will empower and enhance your career prospects, equipping you with unique and scare industry skills and the tools to attract credible employers.

Registration at Lyceum is still open. Lock down your legacy with accredited home-study qualifications and secure your path to success.

For more information regarding programme offerings, enrolment process and entry requirements visit, call 0860 100 705 or email [email protected] for more information.

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Lock down your legacy with accredited home-study