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Frogfoot’s Double-Up campaign unleashes South Africa’s appetite for fibre

By Shane Chorley, Head of Sales and Marketing, Frogfoot Networks

To help ease the strain of working from home during the national lockdown, Frogfoot Networks launched a campaign through which we upgraded many of our fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) customers to offer them double the line speed until the end of June at no cost to them, and our data shows that they are enjoying this extra boost to the fullest.

When the lockdown was initially announced, Frogfoot recorded a massive spike in demand for FTTH installations for a few days; the same pattern was observed when the announcement of the lockdown extension was made.

In between these spikes, customer interest in getting fibre has remained at a much higher rate than before.

What’s the big deal about fibre?

People clearly see the need to be prepared for a remote working future, and fibre is a crucial part of this.

Why? fibre provides users with an internet connection that is stable, provides a more consistent service, has a lower latency, and enables a better remote working experience by allowing users to easily download and upload huge volumes of data.

In fact, what our Double Up Campaign showed us is that most users actually have a far higher appetite for data than they think.

The way we see it, the more you have, the more you will use. This was especially noticeable among our customers who had either 10Mpbs or 20Mbps lines, and had their speed doubled, with their data consumption increasing by 30%.

Accessibility to fibre during this time of crisis has irrevocably changed the way in which we will live and operate from our homes and Frogfoot is looking to cater to this need by consistently installing further FTTH services throughout the period, and taking a long-term approach to our network expansion.

This includes going beyond major urban areas as part of Frogfoot Networks’ strategy of rolling out our fibre to secondary towns across South Africa, including the likes of Bloemfontein, East London, Ermelo, George, Kimberley, Mossel Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Richards Bay, and others.

To see if you can get Froggin’ awesome fibre in your neighbourhood, have a look at our coverage map here.

The Double Up campaign

New customers who sign up for Frogfoot Fibre will be able to get that extra boost while working, studying or just relaxing at home together.

Customers signing up until 30 June will get double their selected line speed at no extra cost. Hereafter your speed will return to your contracted billed speed.

Take a look at what speed you can expect:

5Mbps > 10Mbps

10Mbps > 20Mbps

20Mbps > 50Mbps

50Mbps > 100Mbps

100Mbps > 200Mbps

200Mbps > 500Mbps

500Mbps > 1Gbps

Your line will automatically be upgraded once your link is activated.

Please note that some areas are excluded from the promo, these include:

  • Century City, Port Elizabeth, George, Clara Anna Fontein, and Blitz Fibre acquired complexes.
  • Lines that have a pending service change, cancellation or are already at 1Gbps.

Have a look if you have fibre coverage in your area here and sign up today!

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Frogfoot’s Double-Up campaign unleashes South Africa’s appetite for fibre