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Nashua’s home workspace solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Everybody works differently, especially now that remote working is the new normal; and our different tasks and roles place different requirements on the technology and equipment that we use.

Finding the right remote work tools has suddenly become very important, as well as partnering with a solutions provider that is flexible enough to meet the needs of this new workforce.

No matter where you work, whether you are part of the company’s executive team, or its newest sales consultant, communication is always key.

Video calls, virtual meetings and remote presentations are just a part of the many tools you are expected to navigate daily.

You need your work-from-home tools and processes to be as reliable and robust as the ones you left behind in the office.

Nashua Managing Director Barry Venter said this means companies need to think differently about their IT infrastructure and build agility around individuals to create seamless work experiences whilst maintaining security, “The end goal is to equip the organisation’s workers for the tasks they have to perform remotely, taking into account their needs around mobility, applications, backup capabilities and even the ability to digitally sign documents – and packaging the technology solutions that they require accordingly.”

Venter added that a remote, cloud-based workforce requires robust endpoint devices: “Remote working highlights weaknesses in the company’s IT infrastructure as employees need considerable computing power just to do online meetings, which means that there’s increased demand for technology, while connectivity is non-negotiable. Companies need to re-evaluate what’s critical to their businesses, as well as where to prioritise their spend.”

Nashua’s tailored workspace solutions

Venter said Nashua specialises in tailoring workspace solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs in terms of both budget and processes, “Our approach incorporates the use of products like Microsoft 365, Teams for collaboration, coupled with our seamless VOIP solutions, End Point protection and backup solutions deployed on the world’s leading computing brands.

“Nashua’s unique Remote Asset Monitoring and Management (RMMS) platform is web-based and allows us to manage IT assets, automate IT services and simplify service delivery, effectively supporting the customer remotely. This may take the form of remote diagnostics, and support or remote maintenance – corrective or preventative.”

So whether you are an individual who needs to continue with day to day work in a seamless approach with specialised laptop accessories or an executive who needs to be enabled with digital signatures and remote management services, Nashua can lower your operational expenses and drive efficiencies.

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Nashua’s home workspace solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs