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Criminals prey on the lack of cyber security culture in Africa – here’s what you can do

Cybersecurity awareness training organisation, KnowBe4 Africa and Cyber Security Africa are hosting a virtual security culture event aimed at empowering businesses with vital tech skills and knowledge in establishing a crucial cybersecurity awareness culture in Africa to protect users from coronavirus (COVID-19) scams and beyond.

The African organisation must embed security into its culture in order to thrive.

This fact is highlighted by Forrester Consulting study entitled The Rise of Security Culture.

The study found that 94% of respondents felt a security culture is essential for business success. It’s also critical for reputation, process, governance, risk and compliance.

A security culture is also the final moment that determines whether or not a hack will succeed or fail.

This is especially critical during the current Covid-19 pandemic where remote workers are being targeted by an increase in Covid-19 themed phishing attacks and scams.

The question is, how can your organisation embed and measure its security culture? The answer is the Africa Cyber Security Culture Conference 2020.

At this event, to be held on 11 June 2020, industry experts from across Africa will convene to discuss key trends and topics relevant to cybersecurity on the continent.

The half-day online event will play host to an impressive array of speakers and panellists that include CISOs, experts and decision makers from across some of the continent’s most prominent brands.

“This conference is all about the human element with an African focus,” explained Anna Collard, Managing Director of KnowBe4 Africa. “There are differences in the way that people in Africa respond to cybersecurity awareness campaigns and how much they know about cybersecurity risk.”

The business with the weakest link will always be the most attractive target. This makes employee education and a security-driven culture so important. If people understand the risks and recognise the signs, they are the organisation’s best defence.

“Cybercriminals are attracted to companies with a low level of awareness or that lack any clearly visible security strategy,” said Collard. “This has inspired the development of the Africa Cyber Security Culture Conference 2020 – it’s completely focused on how organisations can define, measure and enhance their security culture.”

“The event will be running for half a day and will be entirely virtual,” added Collard. “Panellists and speakers will be offering pointed insights into this topic. We wanted this event to be as relevant and practical as possible.”

The event includes presentations across the following topics:

  • What every company needs to warn its people about
  • What a security culture is and how to measure it
  • How to get executive buy-in for security awareness programmes
  • How to run security awareness across the African continent
  • Two panel discussions on security during and after Covid-19 and the security culture in Africa

For more information about the event visit, and click here to reserve your space.

The Africa Cyber Security Culture Conference 2020 will play host to more than 15 distinguished panellists and speakers and will provide attendees with practical and proactive takeaways that they can implement in their organisation.

This article was published in partnership with KnowBe4.

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Criminals prey on the lack of cyber security culture in Africa – here’s what you can do