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The best way to ensure employees remain productive while working remotely

As more employees work remotely, companies are now faced with a major challenge – how to monitor the productivity of users away from the oversight provided in an office.

It may be difficult to establish who is working too hard or close to burnout, who is under-utilised and who is wasting time.

These factors could have an immense impact on the overall productivity and viability of a business.

The Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM) tool provides immediate insights and reporting to help you identify trends and capacity within your organisation.

Conceived during lockdown, NPM is made for both in-office and remote working scenarios. It’s quick to deploy, easy to use, and requires no user training or interaction.

Importantly, NPM is designed to be non-invasive, with privacy, security, and compliance kept in mind.

Immediate insights & trends

The NPM tool delivers immediate insights to help you better understand your employees’ work patterns.

Companies are able to manage their employees responsibly by identifying their busiest workers, time-wasters and under-utilised staff.

Businesses can analyse work patterns of individuals and compare these to previous periods, their own personal averages and colleagues’ work patterns.

In addition, companies can check if employees are busy or idle in real-time, when people are working and which business applications are being used.

An example of the breakdowns of a department or individual’s work pattern can be seen below.

Easy to use and efficient

NPM is quick to deploy and does not require monitored staff members to be trained to use it. Setup of the NPM agent on the staff member’s business system is non-invasive.

The tool is designed to minimise bandwidth usage in order to reduce the strain on your employees’ home networks.

NPM is integrated with Microsoft Azure to provide insights to client devices via the cloud.

Productivity data is collected by NPM agents which are installed on staff computers, while the client’s AzureAD info is collected by Humidor.

This data is collated in the Azure Storage Table which connects to a PowerBI report that contains all the captured data.

This report can be customised by the client or at an additional cost by Netsurit.

Anyone with access to the Power BI report can view and refresh the data using the free Power BI desktop application.

This report can also be published to the client’s Power BI space in Office 365.

Here it can be automatically refreshed up to eight times a day, while anyone in the organisation with permission and a PowerBI Pro license can view it.

Employee trust and compliance

Certain spyware programs may allow companies to keep tabs on their employees by actively monitoring each and every move on their devices’ displays.

By only tracking relevant information, NPM focuses less on activity monitoring and more on providing productivity awareness and insights, enabling you to support your employees while protecting your company culture.

The Netsurit Productivity Monitor only captures the name, department, and job title of the employee and how much time is spent in business applications and on business websites.

No screenshots, keyboard logging, location tracking or capturing of personal information is performed. The company is unable to monitor private application or website usage.

The data is kept for only six months after it is first recorded, while companies are able to expunge individual records easily on request.

Watch the short video below.


NPM is a cost-effective solution as companies only pay for the users they monitor.

Adapt to the new way of work now

Netsurit has innovated quickly to help companies adapt to new ways of work.

Let Netsurit add value to your company by saving you time and money, and help you maintain a healthy work-life balance in your organisation.

This article was published in partnership with Netsurit.

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The best way to ensure employees remain productive while working remotely