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Keep your contact centre running with free licences from Genesys Cloud

With the COVID-19 lockdown reducing the ability of businesses to operate on-premise, it has become increasingly important for businesses to transition their services onto cloud platforms.

One area where this is particularly important is your contact centre.

Customer service is a key concern for your business and customers may well have even more questions than usual because of the COVID-19 situation.

This is why trusted cloud provider Genesys is offering an impressive deal – free Genesys Cloud licences for 30 days.

Getting started

Genesys Cloud is a comprehensive solution that helps you to run and manage your entire contact centre using the cloud.

Genesys makes the set-up process simple – their experts will ensure that you get voice services activated in 48 hours, and your digital channels shortly after.

To assist you in learning more about how the solution works, free introductory eLearning courses are available to administrators, supervisors and agents.

These courses are designed so that they can be completed in less than a day – ensuring you are up to speed with the solution without wasting time.

Your free Genesys Cloud licence includes both voice and digital channels – ensuring you get a great idea of what the solution can do.

Once this 30-day licence is over, you can walk away with minimal fuss, or can sign up to continue using Genesys Cloud – it’s up to you!


The Genesys Cloud solution ensures that you have access to a broad range of features, including:

  • Automation and self-service – Auto-attendant and self-service options ensure you can handle large numbers of customers efficiently.
  • Voice and digital – Customers can choose whether they wish to contact you through a voice call, via email, or using web chat facilities.
  • Proactive outbound notifications – Set up automated voice notifications to inform customers of news or information, ensuring that you reduce the number of calls your team actually has to take.
  • Public cloud – Access and manage your contact centre remotely and at any time.
  • Employee collaboration – Various features – including chat, document sharing, and video conferencing – empower your work-at-home staff to contact each other easily.
  • Security – Genesys Cloud abides by the strictest cloud security protocols.

Sign up

In these tough times, more so than ever, it is critical that your customers can contact you easily – even while your physical contact centre may be closed.

That is why Genesys Cloud is the perfect solution for your business.

Click here to sign up for a free 30-day licence. 

This article was published in partnership with Genesys.

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Keep your contact centre running with free licences from Genesys Cloud