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bidorbuy helps South African businesses get back to work

The recent lifting of at least some of the lockdown restrictions by the government has meant that more businesses can start operating again. However, at least for the time being, it won’t be “business as normal”. Instead, businesses will have to adjust to a “new normal”.

Online marketplace bidorbuy has taken a leading role in helping enterprises get up and running again. The site features a wide range of items that companies (and customers) will need so that they can start transacting and interacting in person again.

Operating responsibly will mean not just social distancing, but taking active steps to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19.

This is especially important as studies have shown that a significant percentage of people who contract the disease may not have any symptoms – although they can still pass it on.

Personal protective equipment (or PPE) will be high on the list of requirements, with masks and even face shields being this winter’s must-have workwear for people serving customers, or who necessarily have to work close to colleagues.

Many SA companies – including smaller enterprises – have risen to the challenge of creating masks in a range of styles. That’s typical of our country’s entrepreneurial spirit – people are making a plan. There is of course no better place to sell products than online; electronic payment and contactless deliveries mean this is still the safest way to shop.

As well as making it easier for people to buy everything they need, bidorbuy is also helping to distribute accurate information about the pandemic.

This interesting article explains a simple way to monitor the spread of COVID-19 by looking at the rate of infection, or “R”. It inspired bidorbuy to create a visual graph to show how R is changing on a daily basis.

The article explains that R is calculated by using a simple formula: the number of new infections today, divided by the same number from four days ago.

This is one of the key indicators that government is monitoring as they decide on lockdown levels. By adapting this concept into graph form, bidorbuy is making it easier for businesses in different sectors to plan for when they may be permitted to reopen.

With hand and surface sanitiser and thermometers for testing for COVID-19 symptoms also now available on bidorbuy, business owners can start preparing to hit the ground running.

The most important commodity in 2020 will be peace of mind – by acting responsibly, and ensuring that they have all the safety and medical equipment they need, SA companies and consumers can reassure each other and start charting a path back towards the full reopening of the economy.

This article was published in partnership with bidorbuy.

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bidorbuy helps South African businesses get back to work