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Business Acceleration videos are now available on Video Play

Fast Forward

Vodacom Business launched its Fast Forward Series in 2019 with the purpose of providing businesses, from small medium enterprises to large enterprises, with the appropriate tools, skills, and insights to help them achieve success in the South African business sector.

In a move to reach more businesses digitally the Fast Forward Series has been launched on Video Play, a Vodacom Video streaming service available via your web browser or downloadable app.

The sessions in addition to specific digitally produced programmes and webinars, are recorded and uploaded to the platform, allowing more business owners or executives in business access to these resources and enablement tools that builds & promotes business sustainability in the 4IR.

The content that has been uploaded and is now available to view includes:


  • Episode 1 – Building Your Business Presence
  • Episode 2 – Targeting the Right Audience
  • Episode 3 – WhatsApp for Business

Digital Advertising

  • Episode 1 – History of Advertising
  • Episode 2 – 7 Successes of Mobile Advertising
  • Episode 3 – How to Set Up A eziADS Campaign

Business Doctors

  • Episode 1 – Diagnosing Your Business
  • Episode 2 – Increasing Business Value and Sustainability
  • Episode 3 – 8 factors of Business Efficiency

As the first season of the Fast Forward Series was predominantly focused on small businesses the initial content on the Fast Forward Series Channel is predominantly catered to that target audience; whilst additional content currently being developed will cater to large enterprise execs looking to digitally transform their businesses.

All content currently available is free to access, no subscription required.

Business TV Acceleration Series

This is a great program for businesses to take advantage off in these times as we all know the global economic state due to the Covid 19. There are tips, ideas and reconstructive outputs to assist businesses to recover or pick up.

Video Play brings you episodes that will show that in business, as in life, integrity is everything. Within the Entrepreneur organizations integrity goes deeper than just the game rules— it is their code of conduct. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are imperatives. Non-judgment and non-solicitation are all you need to do is focus watch Video Play and build your business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the pace and importance of creating flexible learning options for people.

Virtual and digital learning are remote and cost-effective options that L&D professionals can now turn to in developing their people. As experts in the virtual and digital learning space, we can help you quickly and easily convert your classroom training to virtual and/or digital learning.

With Vodacom being one of the digital transformation leaders in South Africa, it is important to offer our customers advanced way of consuming content. Video Play lets you view content, anytime anywhere.

Online streaming and video on demand providers have changed the way we consume content. There is no need for expensive TVs, satellite dishes, monthly bills or even ads during your shows. As a consumer in this rapidly advancing

Advancing ecosystem, you now get to choose how, when and where you want to consume content, and brand’s such as Video Play, focus on these consumer preferences and pain points, and develops content, and product features and enhancements, to improve your content consumption journeys and experience.

With that said, the current pain point for most South Africans today is economic relief, business success and Entrepreneurial leadership. Adding Business TV and the Fast Forward series to the Video Play Library is a way to help customers with these pain points.

This would be a great way to help businesses regain their economic fore front. We will continue to support content of this nature, to help grow sustainable businesses in South Africa “said Zubair Munshi.

The content that has been uploaded and is now available to view includes:

  • Entrepreneurs Organisation
  • The secrets to being a successful entrepreneur.
  • iLearn
  • Key advice for career seekers and the unemployed.
  • Litmos Heroes
  • Training content covering health and safety, compliance, management training, personal development and more.
  • John Sanei

Click here to access Business TV on Video Play for R5 a day

Video Play is among the leading platforms in South Africa that offers consumers access to the latest movies, local and international series music videos and even Live Tv.

Video Play is currently only available to Vodacom customers, and the Fast Forward series can be accessed via the Video Play platform, at no cost to the consumer, to ensure that the content is available to those who need it most.

Simply register for Video Play using your Vodacom cellphone number and navigate to the Fast Forward catalogue.

Video Play currently hosts a variety of entertainment and lifestyle content, and the on boarding of the Fast Forward series, is a first of its kind for Video Play.

“We are excited to be able to offer an online destination for businesses to access the tools they need to succeed in their respective areas, and considering the current economic climate, we will continue to support content of this nature, to help grow sustainable businesses in South Africa “said Zubair Munshi, Executive Head of Video at Vodacom.

Vodacom Video Play is now accessible through web browsers by signing up on the official Video Play website. Subscribers can also download the application from Google Play store or Apple store.

This article was published in partnership with Video Play.

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Business Acceleration videos are now available on Video Play