MyBroadband articles with a Facebook funnel – How to make your company stand out

MyBroadband has launched new “marketing funnel” campaigns which combine sponsored articles with Facebook adverts to ensure companies can reach their target audience across both MyBroadband and Facebook.

The campaigns are simple to create and execute, and have delivered excellent results for clients.

Codehesion, South Africa’s leading smartphone app developer, was one of the first companies to take the new campaign – and it consisted of the following elements:

  • Codehesion articles: Codehesion published multiple sponsored articles on MyBroadband, targeting companies which wanted to build a new smartphone app.
  • Custom Facebook audience: All the readers who read at least one of Codehesion’s articles were placed in a custom Facebook audience group, using MyBroadband’s Facebook Pixel.
  • Facebook advert: This custom audience was then served Codehesion Facebook adverts when on Facebook, which clicked through to Codehesion’s Contact page.

One of the Codehesion articles and their Facebook advert are shown below.

Codehesion article

Codehesion article

Codehesion Facebook advert

Codehesion Advert

Why it works

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, and is the most popular social network among business and ICT professionals.

This means that when a user has finished reading a Codehesion article on MyBroadband, there is a very high likelihood they will then visit Facebook.

When they visit Facebook, they will then be shown the Codehesion advert, reinforcing the brand and the message.

Additionally, the reader can be shown the Facebook advert for up to 180 days after reading an article.

The Codehesion campaign delivered excellent results in its first week alone.

From 21-29 May 2020, Facebook adverts were served to users who had read Codehesion articles published in the previous weeks.

Standard Twitter and LinkedIn campaigns were also run for Codehesion targeting MyBroadband readers to provide a base for comparison.

The number of users who visited the Codehesion website Contact page are shown below:

  • Facebook advert – 341 users
  • Instagram advert (part of the Facebook campaign) – 50 users
  • LinkedIn advert – 26 users
  • Twitter advert – 9 users

To find out more about MyBroadband’s new marketing funnel campaigns, contact Cara Muller on [email protected]

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MyBroadband articles with a Facebook funnel – How to make your company stand out