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Businesses are now focused on preserving cashflow and optimising IT spend. One of the ways to do this efficiently is through improved IT asset management.

A high-quality asset tracking solution is of critical importance if you wish to ensure that your assets are managed optimally.

Simple yet comprehensive

When looking for such a solution, choose one that is easy to manage.

An asset tracking solution that is difficult to use results in businesses needing to invest additional money and resources into the operation of this system.

Solutions that are simple, or which are managed by the provider of the solution, are highly preferable for businesses as they free up time and money for your core business functions.

However, while the solution should be simple to operate, it should also offer comprehensive functionality.

Many asset management solutions do not provide continuous tracking of IT assets and must instead be manually activated to determine the location of and information about the business’ assets.

This means that you do not have complete information regarding where your assets are at all times and how they are being used.

What to look for in an asset management solution

There are several important considerations when looking for an asset management solution. These include:

  • Complete oversight – Your solution should provide you with total oversight of your IT assets – including where they are, how they’ve been used, and who has used them.
  • Real-time information – You want to know where your assets are at all times – not only when you manually ping these devices.
  • Customisable solution – Your asset management solution should be able to adapt as your business needs change, and as you acquire or dispose of IT assets.
  • Easy integration – Your asset management solution should be easy to implement as part of your existing network without requiring you to make significant changes to these systems.
  • Easy to operate – Your IT staff and resources should not have their day-to-day work affected significantly by the new solution.

V-Track™ – The ultimate solution

A solution that offers all these benefits is V-Track™.

Created by InnoVent, V-Track™ is a comprehensive asset tracking solution that offers constant information regarding your assets.

It is easy to use and does not require you to invest significant resources or staff hours into its operation.

V-Track™ can even offer an individual dedicated to operating V-Track™ and providing the asset information your business needs, when it needs it.

This makes V-Track™ more than just another tool – it’s a complete resource that empowers your business to reach its goals.

Start afresh and take control of your IT assets today with V-Track™

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Get your IT back on “Track”