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How digital document processes are streamlining business

Working from home appears to be our new reality as companies like Twitter, Square and Shopify make the permanent shift to a remote workforce. This shift requires organisations to consider adopting digital processes.

Moving away from paper-based processes to digital document processes can have a significant impact on organisational efficiencies.

Tools like Adobe Acrobat DC & Adobe Sign reduce the barriers of traditional document processes that slow down on-boarding and sap resources– Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign.

Time and cost of getting documents signed and finalised

Getting agreements approved and signed by various parties can be a time consuming and often tedious task.

Sharing paper-based documents for review and signatures is costly and time consuming – from printing, mailing, signing and sending back, each process takes time and money.

Adobe Sign & Acrobat DC make it easier to create and edit documents on the go, so that when your client requests changes to the contract before signing you can get it done immediately, from wherever you are with mobile workflows.

Security and control

Adobe Sign has built-in tracking and security capabilities that provide complete visibility into the signature process, real-time document tracking, notification of signed documents and automatic reminders to sign.

With Adobe Sign, multiple authentication methods can be applied to guarantee the identity of people signing documents – making it easier to authenticate the signee than it is with physical signatures which can easily be forged.

Are you ready to shred the paper, toss the pen and move into the world of digital document processes and e-signatures?

Find out how you can get started today by contacting Dax Data – Adobe’s leading distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa.

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How digital document processes are streamlining business