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RSAWEB has the best fixed-LTE deals

RSAWEB has partnered with MTN to provide fixed-LTE as a fast, reliable, and highly-affordable alternative for those who don’t currently have fibre available in their areas.

Save your mobile data for your mobile needs

Using your phone for connectivity to stream your favorite movies, series, podcasts and songs can be a costly affair, especially since streaming quality has increased, and in turn has become more data intensive over the last few years.

These days, 1GB of data is consumed in what feels like the blink of an eye. From as low as R2,99 per GB, fixed-LTE from RSAWEB is a great, low-cost alternative to fulfill any streaming needs you have, and it will help you save your mobile data for your mobile needs.

RSAWEB has the most affordable fixed-LTE packages

It is no good making unsubstantiated claims about which ISP has the most affordable fixed-LTE on the market, or which ISP offers the widest range of packages. So, we went ahead and did a price analysis:

SIM Only
ISP 5GB+5GB 25GB +25GB 50GB +50GB 100GB +100GB 250GB +250GB
ISP 1 R549 p/m
RSAWEB R95 p/m R195 p/m R345 p/m R545 p/m R1495 p/m
ISP 2 R549 p/m
SIM + Rental Router
ISP 5GB+5GB 25GB +25GB 50GB +50GB 100GB +100GB 250GB +250GB
ISP 1 R599 p/m
RSAWEB R145 p/m R245 p/m R395 p/m R595 p/m R1545 p/m
ISP 2 R599 p/m
ISP 3 R399 p/m R399 p/m

Do these offers include a SIM card and a router?

Depending on the MTN package you choose and the compatibility of your existing router, you will either receive a new SIM card or a new SIM card and a new router.

RSAWEB have both options available, and because they have sourced the best compatible routers on the market, we recommend the SIM and router rental option.

The price analysis showed us that:

RSAWEB offers the most diverse range of packages for different needs and budgets, and its SIM only and SIM + Router options are the most affordable and competitive prices we could find.

It also has the lowest price per GB at just R2.99 with their 500GB deal, and is currently running a promotion that will see the first 100 people to order one of its fixed-LTE SIM + Router rental packages save R460!

Have a more detailed look at what we believe are RSAWEB’s most affordable, bang-for-your-buck fixed-LTE package deals below:

Best price deal

This is truly the most affordable fixed-LTE deal we came across. At just R95 per month for 10GB of super-speedy data – this is one of the best prices currently on the market.

Big data deal

For the ever-immersed gamer, streamer, and downloader – this deal is built for you.

You can get a whopping 500GB for a super low R2,99 per GB.

That’s only R1,495 with a SIM only package, or R1545 with a SIM and router rental deal.

Big value deal

It’s all in the name with this deal – 100GB for only R345 per month makes this deal the perfect partner for the balanced browser.

4X4 MIMO routers make for uninterrupted, faster speeds

We did a little more digging, and found out that RSAWEB also sourced the best compatible fixed-LTE routers on the market – 4X4 MIMO routers.

What makes these routers special is that they allow your wireless devices to send and receive multiple data streams without interreference – meaning they allow you, the user, to get faster speeds, better signal, and last but not least – the speed you’re actually paying for!

The following are 4X4 MIMO compatible routers that you can get for your fixed-LTE:

  • HUAWEI B612
  • HUAWEI B618
  • ZTE MF286 C

One of the top-rated ISPs in South Africa

Not only does RSAWEB offer the best prices and most diverse fixed-LTE packages on the market, they also offer unmatched customer service and currently hold a 4.4/5 star rating on Google Reviews.

From speedy and prompt service, to helpful and courteous support staff – there’s a reason why they hold one of the top ratings in South Africa’s ISP space.

Contact RSAWEB now so you can get connected today!

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RSAWEB has the best fixed-LTE deals