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Why businesses are transitioning their mainframes to the cloud

Mainframes are of critical importance to South African and some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.

This is evidenced by IBM’s financial results, which show that mainframe revenue grew by 68% year-on-year in Q4 of 2019.

However, as the cloud has become recognized as a sensible enterprise IT server option – often alongside Linux, Windows, and the IBM mainframe – the cloud revenues reported by entities such as AWS and Azure hint towards more critical workloads being moved into the cloud.

This is highlighted by the BMC annual mainframe customer survey of 2019 – where 59% of executives recognize mainframes as a platform for growth, while 45% have also made implementing cloud technologies a priority.

It is therefore critical to understand whether moving your mainframe’s COBOL workloads into the cloud makes the most sense for your business – the answer to which should be determined on a case by case basis.

It is crucial to realize, however, that this underlying infrastructure transition forms a key part of the modernisation journeys that enterprises are increasingly focused on taking.

This means, for many organizations, the question is more a case of when, not if.

The benefits of the cloud

The benefits of the cloud have been covered at length, but are worth reiterating due to their significance.

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of the cloud, as it becomes increasingly easy to increase or decrease the necessary resources as they are, or are no longer, needed.

This also results in the cloud being significantly more cost-effective, as it becomes easier to only pay for the resources you require.

However, cautions Micro Focus, it is also important to determine the tipping point for when the benefits of moving to the cloud exceed the benefits you would receive by sticking with your current solution (such as massive OpEx savings and increases in dev and test efficiencies).

Additionally, new business drivers are making this discussion even more complex – such as many solutions supporting blended, hybrid infrastructure strategies.

This means that it no longer just becomes a question of whether to switch or not; now organisations must also consider solutions where they partially switch to the cloud, and partially retain their current infrastructure.

COBOL in the Cloud

Transitioning COBOL mainframe applications to the cloud requires a wide range of technological advances that make the concept possible, let alone feasible.

Micro Focus has extensively invested in such advances to offer genuine choice for those looking at scalability options and has done so with careful consideration of and in partnership with cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure.

This has helped Micro Focus to establish a robust global technology and implementation program which supports mainframe modernisation.

As proof of this, Micro Focus is proud to have become the Advanced Technology Partner for Mainframe of AWS in South Africa.

This shows that Micro Focus is trusted by some of the biggest cloud providers on the market as a true leader in South Africa for organisations looking to transition their mainframe workloads onto the cloud.

Benefits that you will receive if you choose Micro Focus as your Enterprise Modernisation Partner include:

  • Improved efficiency – Micro Focus can help streamline development and delivery activities by 40% using its contemporary technology, DevOps agility and unrivalled flexibility.
  • Experience – Micro Focus has delivered over a thousand modernisation projects in recent years.
  • Keep what works – You can deploy COBOL and PL/I applications in a native or managed code environment, and across all major supported platforms on the market – unchanged.
  • Remain up-to-date – Alongside being the Advanced Technology Partner for Mainframe of AWS in South Africa, Micro Focus is also certified in containerisation including Docker and Kubernetes – meaning it remains abreast of the latest technologies and strategies.
  • Reduce costs; improve performance: Customers can expect IT operations cost reductions from 50% – 90%, as well as performance improvements of up to 50% for batch and online transactions.

If you are considering modernising your mainframe via the cloud, Micro Focus and its cloud partners have you covered.

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This article was published in partnership with Micro Focus.

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Why businesses are transitioning their mainframes to the cloud