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How MyBroadband can help your company grow

MyBroadband has helped hundreds of South African IT companies, telecoms operators, and Internet service providers to sign up new clients and grow their businesses.

This is made possible through its excellent reach – MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest IT publication with a monthly readership of over 3 million unique browsers.

This excellent reach is, however, only part of the reason why marketing campaigns on MyBroadband produce excellent results.

MyBroadband has developed innovative products to help companies to reach highly-targeted audiences.

Many companies want to reach only a small segment of the IT market, like CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, or IT managers.

MyBroadband’s marketing tools help companies to zone in on exactly the people they want to reach and make sure they see their message.

These tools include content marketing, targeted social media campaigns, display advertising, and integrated Facebook always-on products.

Two examples of successful marketing campaigns which helped companies to increase their client base and grow their business are provided below.

Codehesion software development campaign

When Codehesion was launched it had a challenge: How could they let the market know Codehesion was the best company in South Africa for mobile app development?

Codehesion wanted to clearly communicate the strengths of its business and why they should be the first choice when a company wants to develop a new Android or iOS app.

Codehesion used MyBroadband’s content marketing and social media products to target business owners, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and other IT decision makers.

This marketing campaign worked exceptionally well. MyBroadband sent thousands of people to the Codehesion website, which resulted in many qualified leads and millions or rand in business.

The table below provides an overview of the success of Codehesion’s content marketing campaign on MyBroadband.

Codehesion Content Marketing Campaign
Channel Impressions Engagements
MyBroadband 623,867 6,248
MyBroadband Social Media 124,361 2,923

Fibre ISP signup campaign

MyBroadband launched a fully-integrated display advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing campaign for one of South Africa’s largest ISPs.

The campaign promoted the ISP’s fibre products to people who were currently using other broadband products like ADSL.

The campaign was tremendously successful. It positioned the ISP as the premier fibre service provider in South Africa and send thousands of potential clients to the company.

The table below provides an overview of the performance of the campaign which was launched for the ISP.

Fibre ISP Marketing Campaign
Channel Impressions Engagements
MyBroadband Display Banners 1,434,000 9,100
MyBroadband Sponsored Content 4,217,330 13,425
MyBroadband Social Media 241,238 8,539

Let MyBroadband help you

To find out how MyBroadband’s marketing products can help your company, contact Cara Muller on [email protected]

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How MyBroadband can help your company grow