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The most effective way to monitor your company’s COVID-19 workplace measures

As lockdown restrictions in South Africa are gradually relaxed, more industries will resume operations.

This comes with the condition that companies comply with a range of new health and safety protocols and guidelines as determined by the Department of Employment and Labour.

These are intended to help curb the spread of COVID-19 during each of the levels of lockdown and for the foreseeable future.

All employers are therefore required to assess their activities, working environments and policies to ensure their workplace is safe for their staff, customers and suppliers.

CURA Software Solutions – an expert in the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance software -offers a product which empowers businesses with excellent oversight capability in the implementation of these measures.

Its COVID-19 Workplace Response Tracker enables your organisation to become operational and maintain your operating processes.

This will help your company to better implement requirements in the short time allowed and avoid fines or costly business closures for non-compliance.

How it works

The COVID-19 Workplace Response Tracker serves as the foundation to enable your organization to return to full operation whilst adhering to regulations in a cost-effective manner.

It comes in the form of a visible software platform which can be scaled into any of CURA’s current software solutions.

This includes its Enterprise Risk Management, Legislative Compliance Management, Incident Management, Health & Safety, Business Continuity, and Risk-Based Internal Audit solutions.

CURA software can be deployed in a secure cloud environment or on-premise.

It offers simple, easy to understand reports that display the current implementation status of workplace measures combined with tasking functionality to enable management to focus on key areas for compliance.

In addition to the workplace measures, the system comes with a prepopulated COVID-19 risk assessment and control library.

Here, key controls for ensuring ongoing compliance can be assessed and monitored.

The solution enables organisations to move away from manual management processes including spreadsheets and documents, through a centralised software platform.


In basic terms, the CURA COVID-19 Workplace Response Tracker supports the following features:

  • Assess workplace measures as per the Department of Labour stipulations.
  • COVID-19 Risk and Control assessment and re-assessment.
  • Access one-click dynamic reports displaying the current compliance status.
  • Assign users to workplace measures as “tasks” to close gaps.
  • Live updates as new changes in regulations are made.
  • Notifications and escalations to ensure speedy implementation of actions.
  • Cloud-based solution for easy implementation.
  • Published digital certificate of compliance status, that can be shared with stakeholders.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Delivered from a well-established, secure and award-winning platform.
  • Scalable to full risk management or GRC solution.

Industry-leading compliance

CURA has been providing Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions for 19 years.

As a testament to the calibre of its software and quality of its organization, the company won 5 industry awards in 2019 alone.

Ensure your company’s compliance with peace of mind through expert implementation of the CURA COVID-19 Workplace Response Tracker.

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The most effective way to monitor your company’s COVID-19 workplace measures