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This is Fusion Broadband’s award-winning 2nd generation SD-WAN network solution

Fusion Broadband has been recognised by IBM and has won an acclaimed international award!

The 2020 Beacon award for Outstanding Infrastructure Services Solution was presented to Fusion at the Think Conference.

This accolade underpins the innovation provided by Fusion that perfectly suits South African infrastructure conditions.

Fusion has an 8-year history in providing SD-WAN solutions in Australia and has now expanded into South Africa and the United Kingdom.

The South African market will benefit from a commercially tested and scalable solution that is easy to implement.

Failures and slow speeds

Businesses will experience internet failures, slow speeds, bad voice quality and security concerns. The favourite “go to” solution remains an increase in bandwidth, which does not always solve the problems.

Instead, consider an easy to install Fusion SD-WAN solution – which fixes multiple issues without requiring you to overspend on bandwidth, while achieving greater network resilience.

Ronald Bartels, Fusion CTO, points out that congestion on a single-lane road cannot always be fixed by widening the road when adding another lane will really solve the problem. Suggesting that more bandwidth is required is like widening the lane, and is only a short-term solution.

Multiple ISPs, one node

Businesses are also aggressively moving applications to the cloud and legacy network technology results in a bad user experience.

Without presence and intelligence along the path, relying only on software at the edge, which does not include any aggregation ability within a data centre, is not optimal to achieve a good user experience.

The last-mile chain as depicted above is complex and extended and inherently will fail. The Fusion solution caters for multiple ISPs and connection types for the last mile. e.g. fibre as well as a fixed-wireless is a good option.

The best improvement to uptime statistics and user experience is to add another diverse ISP to a location.

A further benefit by using a mix of network operators and ISPs on the last mile is that you will be keeping your ISP honest as a Fusion SD-WAN solution – as depicted below – provides the required transparency and uptime reporting.

Second generation SD-WAN – Where the cloud is the network

Previous first-generation software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions are focussed on the legacy thinking of bridging the business headquarters connectivity gap.

Fusion is one of the leading second-generation SD-WAN vendors which is taking the networking market by storm.

Keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry, businesses are now cloud focussed and not relying on local headquarters-based breakout points using first generation SD-WAN. It is prudent to migrate to a second-generation SD-WAN solution, where the cloud is the network.

Solutions and not features

In the current economic environment, it is no longer acceptable to procure highly-priced, difficult to configure solutions, with a list of features that are not used by the business to solve its problems effectively.

Fusion is a second-generation SD-WAN solution that has been designed to solve common business problems, while being extremely easy to configure, install, and maintain at a price point that delivers a greater return on investment for the business.

Remote working – “It just works”

Quick, unreliable consumer-grade solutions used to facilitate remote working during the current Covid-19 pandemic have flooded IT teams with support tickets. Imagine deploying a secure private network for remote locations that is faster while using one node that caters for the varying ISPs and connections types.

As a result, support calls are significantly reduced with visibility and control being achieved from a single plane of glass.

Fusion aims to serve innovative information technology professionals who are serious about solving network connection problems with a solution that “just works”, is easy to manage, and is scalable.

Contact us to discuss any problems that require a working second-generation SD-WAN solution fast: [email protected]

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This is Fusion Broadband’s award-winning 2nd generation SD-WAN network solution