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Get free Openserve fibre for a month with RSAWEB #FeelTheFibre

RSAWEB recently announced that they are providing free fibre for a whole month to all new sign ups in live Openserve areas, any time before 31 July 2020.

They have called this beneficial offer #FeelTheFibre, because it allows people to do just that – experience a whole new world of fast and reliable connectivity that fibre provides – for free!

Watch their video and #FeelTheFibre for yourself.

How you can #FeelTheFibre

  • Start streaming shows in better quality than ever before. Jump from 1080p to 4K viewing thanks to the fast speeds attainable through fibre connectivity.
  • Stay fit, healthy, and focused on your fitness goals by having access to all the new online fitness programmes and virtual gyms that have opened over the last few months. Fast fibre allows for seamless streaming during these live sessions.
  • Stay connected to new-gen gaming capabilities and new tech. With fibre, the future of gaming rests at your fingertips, and online-reliant gaming mechanics and innovations will become a reality.

Sign up and #FeelTheFibre for free 

Coming at a great time

This special offer certainly comes at a crucial time; we are still encouraged to continue working from home and to practice social distancing. This free month of connectivity provides people with the ability to do both of these things.

‘’In times like these, it’s important to keep our people connected, not only to their loved ones and work obligations, but also to their favourite streaming services and beyond.’’ the company said.

As the highest standard of Internet connectivity on the market, fibre has definitely grown in popularity and ubiquitous availability over the years, as it spreads and extends to every corner and suburb in South Africa.

From an economic standpoint times are tough, and people have been forced to tighten their belts in one way or another.

RSAWEB want to provide people with an opportunity to access fibre during this time of economic constraint by providing them with a whole month of fibre connectivity for free – so they can see the life changing benefits of an amazing Internet experience first-hand.

Unshaped and unthrottled fibre packages

RSAWEB and Openserve have a perfectly tailored list of fast and affordable fibre packages to suit an array of different connectivity needs:

RSAWEB & Openserve fibre package speeds Price
10/5 Mbps R595
20/10 Mbps R795
40/20 Mbps R895
100/50 Mbps R1095
200/100 Mbps R1395

To see if you’re covered by Openserve, and if you want to grab this amazing deal, head over to RSAWEB’s #FeelTheFibre campaign page on their website by clicking on the link below.

Hurry though, this deal is only valid until 31 July 2020 – so get your order in!

Get free fibre for a month

This article was published in partnership with RSAWEB.

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Get free Openserve fibre for a month with RSAWEB #FeelTheFibre