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When last were you able to deliver a seriously productive day? Perhaps a more important question is where – was it at the office or at home?

If the previous decade saw the ubiquitous rise of the open office, the coming one will see the complete decentralisation of the workplace.

As industries and economies are upended, everyone needs to remain agile and adapt to new ways of working.

Globalisation, health concerns and real-estate prices drive the exponential rise of distributed teams, which means every business needs to have the tools that enable collaboration between both individuals and teams across different locations and time zones.

In offices that will mean creating meeting spaces that allow for safe distancing and smarter spaces for people to work, but we will rarely see meetings that are not in some way virtual.

While business intelligence will continue to improve the future of smart buildings, it will become increasingly important for technology to offer data streams to help gauge the effectiveness of these new work environments and make decisions to adapt quickly in these fast-changing times.

Investing in your employees

Today’s knowledge workers can easily become overwhelmed by the number of tools required by their workflows. HubSpot memorably labelled this phenomenon as “death by 1,000 apps.”

Conflicting communications platforms combined with the deluge of emails and conference calls can leave people with no time to focus, and an always-on feeling of interruptions without productivity, not to mention key detail and context sometimes being missed.

Training your organisation in effective remote working is one solution, but must go hand in hand with giving them the correct tools for the job.

For office environments this could mean architecting spaces supported by the right technology – such as PanaCast video cameras – which are ideal for small or large meeting rooms. Its panoramic field of view is perfectly suited to social distancing in meeting rooms.

Home workers may have to be allocated a budget to set up their home office with tools such as ergonomic chairs, reliable Internet connections and Evolve2 noise-cancelling headphones with busy-light indicators to let family know if someone is not to be disturbed.

Our computers and headsets will also allow us to augment ourselves with greater intelligence as adoption of voice assistants grow and gain further contextual and smart responses to each individual’s way of working.

The features will include predictive analytics and greater natural language processing with better speech recognition, machine translation, natural language generation, semantic search, and machine learning, all of which will drive productivity in our future workspaces.

Headset Solutions

Headset Solutions is a proud distributor of Poly, Jabra, and Konftel products in Southern Africa. Its African footprint and comprehensive inventory allows it to offer fast and effective support to all its partners.

With more than 1 Million headsets sold over the last 10 years, it is South Africa’s leading supplier of headsets.

Its mission is to deliver cutting edge telecommunication solutions backed up by exceptional service and after sales support to ensure customers achieve their objectives and remain competitive.

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Increase productivity with Jabra Work Anywhere solutions