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How investing in Customer Experience will take your business to the next level

The success of a business relies heavily on the relationship it has with its customers. 

Digital technologies have improved the speed and effectiveness with which products and services can be delivered – and as a consequence, customer expectations are at sky-high levels.

A good Customer Experience, or CX, offering is therefore essential for any modern business.

CX is the product of interactions between an organisation and a customer for the duration of their relationship and determines the way a customer feels about engaging with a business. 

Why optimise CX 

Customer demand and spending are the main driving forces behind business growth.

While it is important that companies acquire new customers, it is even more crucial to maintain customer loyalty, which will increase the potential for future sales and attract more customers through recommendations. 

According to the Zendesk CX Trends Report for 2020, however, many companies don’t offer an experience that aligns with their customers’ preferences – leading to a poor user experience.

The CX Trends Report is based on data gathered from 45,000 companies across 140 countries which use Zendesk solutions and provides excellent insight into the key trends and challenges in the CX environment.  

Another notable finding from the report is that under 30% of companies offer self-service, live chat, social messaging, in-app messaging, answer bots, or peer-to-peer platforms.  

This is problematic, as there is a clear link between high-performing companies and the availability of customer self-service options. 

Customer data and collaboration

Quick access to customer data was also highlighted as an important factor in being able to handle customer queries quickly and accurately. 

Companies see 36% faster resolutions and a 79% reduction in wait times for clients when they manager customer data properly.

This data adds even further value if it is accessible to all support agents.

Zendesk found that 68% of customers were annoyed when their call was transferred between departments and 70% expected teams to collaborate on their behalf when resolving a query.

Customer experience and use of AI 

The report noted CX is increasingly been viewed as a priority for companies, and over the last five years businesses have become 63% more likely to appoint a Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

These companies want a leader who is focused on customers and knows how to understand and prioritize them across the business. 

The employment of AI is also growing in popularity among businesses, in the form of answer bots capable of handling simple queries. This eases the burden on human agents, allowing them to resolve more complex and time-consuming enquiries. 

Zendesk’s CX solutions 

Zendesk’s CX software offers a cloud-based solution for measuring and improving the experience customers have with a company.

These tools provide businesses of all sizes with valuable CX features – including omni-channel support – to improve the customer experience and keep their clients happy. 

Click here to view Zendesk’s Customer Experience Trends Report for 2020. 

Zendesk regularly hosts Customer Experience events in South Africa. If you are interested in attending an event you can express your interest and they will notify you of upcoming events.

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How investing in Customer Experience will take your business to the next level