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The best voice call solution for remote working

The migration to remote working has surged in recent months, which means providing your workers with effective digital communication solutions is more important than ever.

80% of your employees’ time is spent on collaboration, and voice communication is a key enabler of this.

STEM Commercial Manager Johan Olivier says many companies have realised this, and as a result, STEM has seen a big increase in demand for VoIP services.

To meet this need, STEM has launched the Voice2Teams add-on for Office 365, which brings all users under one platform for collaboration via voice across all devices.

Voice2Teams is a cloud service that connects popular remote working suite Microsoft Teams to STEM’s Hosted Enterprise PBX phone system.

How it works

Voice2Teams allows employees using MS-Teams on mobile or desktop devices to make and take calls to and from any telephone number.

It provides your employees with a dedicated extension number and therefore eliminates the need to provide a separate VoIP handset or desk phone for business calls.

Imagine your company organises a meeting which involves two of your employees, a supplier, and a customer.

One employee has MS-Teams on desktop, while the other is out of his home and only has his mobile phone with the MS-Teams app installed.

Neither the supplier nor customer has MS-Teams, but have access to normal landline telephone numbers.

Using Voice2Teams, either the employee with the desktop or the one with the mobile device can start a call from within MS-Teams and add both the supplier and customer to it.

All participants will be added one at a time, and any other telephone numbers or Voice2Teams phone numbers can be added throughout the call.


The Voice2Teams add-on is simple to install, with no additional hardware or software required. Additionally, the calls are encrypted, so company information and discussions via Voice2Teams are protected.

All calls will stay local to South Africa eliminating the charging of international VOIP rates.

The technology provides high-quality phone calls – which means participants will be able to communicate effectively without having to repeat themselves.

Even in scenarios where data signal is limited – such as when using 3G, LTE, or 5G – the call quality remains the same.

Users are also able to patch callers through to other numbers, allowing companies to add a switchboard operator to redirect customer or sales queries to the relevant department or employee.

 Get Voice2 Teams now

 The Voice2Teams add-on requires the following products:

  • Office 365 with Phone system add-on.
  • STEM’s Voice2Teams License.
  • STEM’s Hosted Enterprise PBX.
  • STEM’s Voice telephone number.

Licenses are available on month-to-month contracts with cost-effective pricing plans starting at R79 per month per user for between 1 to 80 users.

Discounts are available as the number of users increases.

Unify and optimise your remote working communications and collaboration with Voice2Teams from STEM.

Click here to get STEM’s Voice2Teams add-on for Office 365.

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The best voice call solution for remote working