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APTARE IT Analytics™ – A game changer for Hybrid IT

Data analytics and Insights are critical to providing businesses with the control they need to reduce data complexity and make informed decisions around their infrastructure.

This is the view of Sumeeth Singh from BCX, who was talking about why Veritas’ APTARE IT Analytics™ suite is a fantastic option for businesses.

“Analytics software is required to provide centralised control, assists to minimize risks, and facilitates infrastructure and data centre optimisation,” Singh explained.

Hybrid IT – The future of business

The Hybrid IT world lends itself to decentralising your IT due to its flexibility.

We all agree that there are applications and workloads best suited to different platforms; because of this, APTARE IT Analytics™ stands out as a comprehensive IT analytics tool offering actionable insights.

“As more businesses adopt a Hybrid IT model, spanning on-premise, datacentre cloud and hyperscale cloud, the need to effectively manage and have insights across these landscapes becomes tantamount,” he explained.

APTARE IT Analytics™ achieves this by offering comprehensive IT analytics delivering actionable insights through a single-pane-of-glass.

With APTARE IT Analytics™ you can:

  • Optimise storage and costs.
  • Mitigate risk to meet service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Streamline backup compliance and gain visibility into backup performance and integrity.

APTARE IT Analytics™ , an extensible platform offering unified insights for backup, storage and virtual infrastructure in a heterogeneous IT environment across on-premises and hybrid clouds.

This flexibility allows for better insights because businesses are not hopping between various portals to collate data and form insights.

Preserving data security

APTARE offers major security benefits to businesses.

APTARE analyses data at an infrastructure level, which means it is not being invasive. The software aligns with various security frameworks – which also assures clients of their security.

APTARE not only manages your data securely; it actively helps you to improve your data security through the insights that it provides.

An example of this is the unprotected data discovery support element of APTARE’s suite – which helps businesses to identify data that is not protected by backups.

Predictive analytics saves you money

The predictive analytics tools provided by APTARE is highly valuable as it allows businesses to analyse their data more thoroughly.

“There’s an old adage in the IT world: “If you can’t monitor and measure it, you can’t manage it,” said Singh.

“The predictive analytics that APTARE provides, allows businesses to perform data centre optimisation, storage optimisation as well as demand management.”

“This is truly a game changer, as it allows businesses to really hone in on their IT spend and make more reliable predictable decisions around how to optimise it.”

For example, data sprawl – where data grows at an exponential rate, and resides in various places with various copies – can become a nightmare for businesses.

With predictive analytics, however, businesses can determine if they are effectively managing their data – providing insights such as the amount of storage actively required, and whether certain data could be archived.

Through this, it becomes much easier for businesses to determine where they need to scale up, and where they need to scale down – with the latter a particularly effective way to save money.

Start your IT analytics journey

IT analytics continues to be one of the most critical elements within a business’ IT stack.

Your business should therefore prioritise high-quality IT analytics to inform its business decisions.

As BCX, we are on a journey to offer similar solution capabilities as offered by APTARE, and we encourage interested parties to work closely with BCX so that we are s able to facilitate your organisation’s journey and take your business to the next level.

Click here to learn more about APTARE IT Analytics™.

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APTARE IT Analytics™ – A game changer for Hybrid IT