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How to get the most out of the cloud with RSAWEB

Cloud computing, and the way hosting and cloud providers deliver their services, is constantly evolving.

Historically, companies wanting to update their infrastructure solutions from physical to virtual, or from on premise to cloud platform, face a number of challenges. A migration strategy is not always clear, and often an experienced partner is a welcome support structure.

RSAWEB do things differently. As one of the first companies to pioneer a true cloud hosting platform in South Africa, RSAWEB have always been focused on delivering customer-centric solutions that work.

Through their experience and expertise, they have developed a unique approach to solution development and service delivery by navigating their customers through a process of Engagement, Engineering and Evaluation.


  • It’s important that in today’s times, with the COVID-19 pandemic and our country’s current economic landscape in mind, that you find a technology partner who engages with you regularly to assess and identify your (changing) business needs.
  • RSAWEB do exactly this, investing their time with new and existing customers to understand the strategy, operations, industry sector, and stressors which are impacting the business.
  • Gaining an understanding of these challenges and pressures, RSAWEB specialises in leveraging technology to overcome them – enabling your business to continue progressing and growing.

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  • Their engineering team have a pragmatic approach to solution architecture and system performance.
  • Systems thinking ensures alignment with the customer’s business needs. RSAWEB’s customer team includes stakeholder representation from both technical and business elements of the customer business.
  • RSAWEB ensures solution architecture and system deployment meets with industry specific security and compliance regulations.
  • Environment security and data management best practices are proposed and implemented.

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  • Evaluation is key to RSAWEB’s systems thinking approach, and continuous feedback loops ensure that the solution architecture is providing resolution to the challenges and pain points identified.
  • RSAWEB actively seek out these results to ensure your business is receiving a value-based service.
  • They gauge if their cloud solution is enabling your business to balance the key production metrics of quality vs time vs cost.

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How to get the most out of the cloud with RSAWEB