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Automating your business with smartphone apps just got cheaper

Successful companies today use technology to enable:

  • Working remotely
  • Beating their competition, and staying relevant
  • Reducing administration, paperwork & clutter

With Divblox it is now possible to get a complete solution, including a smartphone and a web app, built in a week.

As an example, it took Divblox only 2 days to create an access logging app for companies needing to screen their employees or visitors arriving at their premises. It’s free to use for anyone. Get it here.

Divblox was developed to help software creators to build their own smartphone apps and create custom software solutions.

However, if you do not know anything about software development, there is good news – the Divblox team will do everything for you.

All you have to do is to tell Divblox what you need, and they will create a mobile app or custom software solution for you.

Because of its innovative framework, Divblox can create mobile apps and other software solutions faster and more affordably than traditional software houses.

What makes Divblox different

Most companies use a variety of processes involving software services, Excel spreadsheets, and manual processes to operate.

Divblox can bring all of this together in a single software solution to optimise business processes and use automation where needed.

Whether you use a smartphone app or desktop software solution, important information is always available to managers which makes decision-making easier and faster.

Another benefit is that you can save money by allowing the Divblox team to create your custom software solution.

This is because centralising your software solutions under a single framework cuts out many compatibility issues and optimises the development process.

As a result, many prominent South African companies, including Hollard and Mobilife, trust Divblox for their mobile app and software development needs.

To find out more about Divblox, visit their website here.

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Automating your business with smartphone apps just got cheaper