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Learn how AI and the cloud will improve your sales conversion rate – Free webinar

Genesys has run a webinar which helps businesses understand how they can use AI to optimise conversion rates and improve their customers’ experience.

In the first half of the webinar, Pieter van Eyssen, Principal Solution Consultant at Genesys, explained that the industry average conversion rate from qualified leads to sales is only 2%.

Van Eyssen said that this rate is too low and argued the reason businesses are struggling with this is because they are unable to use the human touch efficiently.

Engagements happen too late in the customer journey, and are disconnected from the entire process, said van Eyssen, meaning they are less efficient at driving conversions.

Sales teams are also unable to offer meaningful interactions with potential clients because the right data is often not accessible at the right time.

This is why businesses need to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to initiate engagement with the right sales personnel at the right time.

Van Eyssen said that AI also helps you to predict outcomes in advance, allowing you to optimise the sales process.

He explains the benefits of AI in customer experience in depth in the webinar.

Moving to the cloud

To get the full benefits of this AI technology, businesses should be moving their customer service solution to the cloud.

While this can be an intimidating prospect, and many may feel uneasy about it due to their previous investment in on-premise solutions, cloud is universally accepted to be the only way forward.

Moving to the Genesys Cloud will allow you to achieve better outcomes and constantly operate on the edge of innovation – helping you to consistently stay on top of your game.

In the second half of this webinar, Alichia Griffith, Manager of Solution Consulting for Genesys South and Eastern Africa, explains how your business can be moved to the cloud efficiently and with a personalised plan by Genesys.

Watch the webinar for free

The fantastic insights that were provided in this webinar are now available to everyone at no cost.

This is because Genesys is committed to helping your business improve its customer experience by moving to the cloud.

Click here to watch the webinar for free.

This article was published in partnership with Genesys.

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Learn how AI and the cloud will improve your sales conversion rate – Free webinar