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From lockdown to upswing – Click & Collect surges in South Africa

There is no doubt about it – ecommerce is skyrocketing with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis sending it further into uncharted territory. 

With 58% of consumers expecting to continue with their new-found online shopping habits, businesses are forced to digitise to meet this growing demand (Source: Zoovu). 

To do so, they need easy and efficient logistical solutions that can overcome the unique challenges of the South African consumer landscape while helping them to stay agile and mitigate risk. 

Click & Collect, a smart shopping solution that allows consumers to buy online and collect their purchases at convenient, risk-free Pickup Points, has risen to the occasion.

Click & Collect is a delivery option expected by online shoppers

As of 2019, 1 in 3 online shoppers have used the convenient pickup service as their preferred delivery option

With the nationwide lockdown driving more commerce online, even more consumers are using Click & Collect as a convenient shopping alternative. 

It is not surprising given the wide range of benefits it offers to both retailers and consumers.

“We’ve experienced the exponential growth of ecommerce first hand with a large 208% year on year increase in Click & Collect orders sent to our Pargo Pickup Points over the last two months,” said Lars Veul, CEO of Pargo. He added, “With a larger part of the population buying online, seamless delivery is now more important than ever. We are glad to see that the adoption of Click & Collect keeps growing and follows the huge surge in Ecommerce in South Africa.”

This tells us two things. One, consumers are looking for convenient, safe distribution methods and two, retailers need to implement these innovative methods to secure their share of the changing market. Click & Collect meets the challenges of the new normal.

Click & Collect minimises risk

With the threat of COVID-19 infection informing consumer behaviour, people are developing online shopping habits that require equally safe methods of collection. 

This is why they are turning to Click & Collect as it offers them a means to collect their goods while avoiding large crowds and long queues. 

If the process of browsing and payment shifts online, consumers can swiftly collect their parcels from their preferred pickup points while minimising their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

To facilitate a safe experience for consumers, Pargo Pickup Points enforce strict hygiene measures, which include frequent cleaning of stores, the continuous use of wipes and sanitisers, and self-isolation of staff members who show symptoms. 

In addition to these protocols, contactless parcel collection is also implemented as an extra layer of protection.

New initiatives like Pargo’s Drive Through Pickup Point at the V&A Waterfront take this idea even further by marrying the innovation of Click & Collect with the brand power of shopping malls to offer consumers an agile, risk-free retail experience.

Home delivery is not an option for all South Africans but Click & Collect is

The vast majority of South Africans live in rural and hard-to-reach areas such as townships with inconclusive addresses, which makes home delivery near impossible. 

Those living in vast rural areas must also travel great distances to get access to essential goods, which potentially exposes them to coronavirus hotspots. 

It is precisely these points that Pargo tackles with its vast network of 2,500 pickup points located across the country. 

Through Click & Collect, consumers can limit their movement to safe distances by collecting their parcels nearby, while still having access to the wealth of goods available online.

Greg Le Roux, CEO of Loot, elaborated on how Pargo has been part of Loot’s national growth strategy. 

“Pargo Click & Collect has helped Loot to reach all corners of South Africa, ensuring we are able to cover more cities, towns and smaller areas thus providing us with a bigger national footprint and allowing us to continually reach new audiences.”

Essential workers use Click & Collect for convenience

Now that more people are joining the essential workers in returning to the workforce, there may be no one at home to receive deliveries. 

Click & Collect circumvents this potential roadblock by giving customers control over when and where they collect their online shopping. 

With many Pargo Pickup Points open 24/7, consumers can maximise their day and get their parcels at a time that suits them best. 

Get in touch with Pargo to find out how Click & Collect can help you to grow your business and meet your customers’ needs.  

This article was published in partnership with Pargo.

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From lockdown to upswing – Click & Collect surges in South Africa