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TraFFic CaMMRa turns Axis cameras into the ultimate traffic sensors

Safer communities and cities are achieved through a mixture of technology and human resources working together in a holistic manner.

Duxbury Networking’s portfolio of technology solutions provides an integrated approach to achieving these goals.

“The addition of the FF Group’s TraFFic CaMMRa now gives customers the opportunity to augment the functionality of specific Axis surveillance cameras,” said  Clifton Greeff, National Surveillance Business Manager at Duxbury.

TraFFic CaMMRa is a free-flow licence plate recognition (LPR) application developed specifically to interface with Axis Communications Q1785-LE, Q1786-LE and P1445-LE network cameras and its Q1700-LE licence plate camera.

This ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform) offers both licence plate object character recognition and object classification of vehicles in the same image.

“When combined with our Milestone XProtect solution (via Axis Optimizer), this makes it possible to search for vehicle-specific classification derived from the TraFFic CaMMRa Application. Search results from videos are based on the vehicle’s make, model, type and colour, as well as the licence plate number and country of origin, together with the date and time that the video was recorded,” said Greeff.

The solution is fully server-less and all the analytics are done on the edge using the camera’s processing power. Having all data types aggregated in one VMS search database makes for quick, easy and efficient investigations.

In addition, the ACAP and camera are optimised to ensure high-quality video and analytics with optical zoom, autofocus, optimised IR, electronic image stabilisation, shutter speed and other important camera settings

TraFFic CaMMRa provides data on a vehicle’s licence plate, make, model and colour, together with direction detection, for seamless city and highway traffic monitoring.

When installed on Axis cameras, the app provides data to track stolen vehicles, and collects data for law enforcement or statistical purposes

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TraFFic CaMMRa turns Axis cameras into the ultimate traffic sensors