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Frogfoot brings fibre to Kimberley with innovative roll-out

Open access provider Frogfoot has become the first independent fibre provider in the historic city of Kimberley.

This ensures residents in the capital of the Northern Cape province have access to reliable, high-speed connectivity which has become imperative following last year’s announcement that Telkom is terminating fixed-line copper services, including ADSL.

With Kimberley situated in a rocky area, electrical cables, water pipes, and the sewage system are at shallower depths than they would ordinarily be. The result is that a traditional fibre trenching roll-out would risk damage to these services.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, Frogfoot worked closely with the council to find an alternative solution. The parties jointly decided that going the aerial route would be the least disruptive option. Not only would this mitigate the challenges of the lead-housed electrical cables that could impact on the fibre installation, but it is the least invasive to avoid any damage to existing infrastructure in the city,” said Shane Chorley, Head of Sales and Marketing at Frogfoot.

This sees the deployment of cables on poles similar in approach to how telephone lines used to be installed.

“It is a faster way of installing fibre and guarantees that no infrastructure is damaged. With ADSL coming to end of life soon, fibre provides residents with not only a more cost-effective form of connectivity, but it also future-proofs their internet access as the technology can easily be upgraded with no additional infrastructure installations required.”

The Kimberley roll-out forms part of Frogfoot’s commitment to getting smaller cities that are often ignored by other operators connected to a fibre network.

Visit their website at to check for coverage and find out more about the available packages in your area.

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Frogfoot brings fibre to Kimberley with innovative roll-out