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MSI Z490 Motherboards – Elite gaming performance

MSI is a name synonymous with awesome gaming products, and their latest Z490 motherboards prove why.

With years of experience, MSI is no stranger to building high-performance motherboards. These Z490 motherboards not only optimise the performance of your other components, they are also designed with the latest technology and advanced cooling to achieve maximum performance.

This is thanks to MSI’s Core Boost and state-of-the-art memory technologies to ensure your CPU and RAM remains stable even when they are being overclocked.

MSI’s range of powerful Z490 motherboards cater to a variety of gamers and power users – allowing you to pick the perfect board for your system.

MSI Z490 motherboards are built with between 6 and 10 PCB layers which ensure reliable circuit transmission, higher bandwidth and faster transfer speeds across the entire MSI Z490 motherboard lineup.

These motherboards are also already Lightning Gen4 ready.

MEG Z490 Godlike

The MEG motherboard range are seasoned record breakers due to their premium power design, and the MEG Z490 Godlike builds on this legacy by offering extreme performance.

The MEG Z490 Godlike supports 10th-generation Intel processors and DDR4 RAM which, through Interdigital Tabbed Routing and isolated circuitry, can operate at up to 5,000MHz when overclocked.

All MSI Z490 motherboards feature Core Boost technology, however the MEG class models exclusively feature a mirrored power arrangement to release ultimate performance.

Through Thunderbolt 3, the Z490 Godlike also offers bandwidth speeds of up to 40Gbps, while dual CPU power connectors help you get the most performance out of your processors.

To keep temperatures down, the Z490 Godlike features an advanced cooling solution which ensures that you can push your components to the max without worrying about overheating.

This includes the state-of-the-art Frozr heatsink design, total software-driven fan controls, and an innovative heat-pipe design. All models in the MEG class feature active cooling with double ball bearings and Zero Frozr technology.

Connectivity isn’t a problem, either – 10G Super LAN, 2.5G LAN on all Z490 models, and Wi-Fi 6 AX support means that you can access lightning-fast speeds when gaming online.

The Z490 Godlike also features a Dynamic Dashboard that is DIY Friendly and can be customized with .GIF images using a colorful OLED display that shows system information, debug functions and other information.

The motherboard also features pre-installed I/O Shielding to make installation more convenient for system builders.

MEG Z490 Unify

The MEG Z490 Unify leverages the record-breaking knowledge of the MEG team, but without the flashy RGB lighting.

Like the Z490 Godlike, the Z490 Unify offers a vast array of cooling components including a cutting-edge Frozr heatsink, an innovative heat-pipe design, and comprehensive fan control – even on the Z490I Unify. This keeps you performing at a high level while maintaining low temperatures.

The Z490 Unify & Z490I Unify also support Wi-Fi 6 and offer onboard 2.5G LAN, with the Z490I Unify built with an incredible 10-layer PCB design and excellent thermals.

Other impressive features include Triple Turbo M.2 – which delivers transfer speeds of up to 32Gbps for the latest SSDs – and Audio Boost HD, which offers superior audio processing for the ultimate gaming experience.

MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon Wifi

The MPG series lets gamers express themselves with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronisation. This includes a front LED strip that offers in-game and real-time notifications and an additional LED control switch to switch LED’s on or off easily.

In total, there are 17.8 million colours and 29 lighting effects available at the click of a button on the motherboard.

The Z490 Gaming Carbon Wifi supports an enhanced power design with a duet rail power system, as well as CPU and DDR4 boosting – both of which can be boosted thanks to an enhanced power design.

It also supports Lightning Gen 4, studio-grade sound, USB speeds of up to 20Gbps, Wi-Fi 6, and two Turbo M.2 slots with double shield Frozr heatsinks to prevent SSD’s from thermal throttling – ensuring you’re using the latest technologies in all possible areas.

MSI Motherboard 7

MPG Z490 Carbon EK X

The MPG Z490 Carbon EK X immediately stands out thanks to its stylish EK water cooling solution. The iconic carbon fibre and matching engraved design shows its refined quality and distinctive looks.

To unleash the high performance of 10th-gen Intel Core processors, the custom-designed EK cooling solution uses its pristine cooling ability on both the CPU and the VRM power delivery section to prevent thermal throttling.

This allows gamers to sustain heavy gaming loadings without the noisy environment. It’s ready for everything!

Alongside its awesome cooling solution, the Z490 Carbon EK X offers all the impressive features available in the other members of the Z490 range.

MSI Motherboard 10


Awesome liquid cooling – MAG CoreLiquid 360R and 240R

Alongside these incredible motherboards, MSI has unveiled two new liquid cooling solutions – the MAG CoreLiquid 360R and the MAG CoreLiquid 240R.

Both of these solutions offer a variety of benefits, including quieter operation than their competitors, compatibility with an extensive array of motherboards, fantastic RGB lighting, and market-leading cooling.

The CoreLiquid 360R and 240R are AIO liquid cooling products that utilise a split pathway through the radiator to dissipate heat quickly.

These liquid cooling products are designed to be use in a variety of ways on MSI motherboards – including as a CPU cooler, a waterblock cooler, a top system fan, a front system fan, and a rear system fan.

This is enabled by strategically positioned pin-header locations on different areas of the motherboard.

Both liquid coolers feature a design constructed from high quality materials that remain durable and deliver unstoppable cooling performance, even under extreme operating conditions.

Wreak havoc without sacrificing style with the intuitive 270-degree rotating blockhead inlaid with a deep aggressive aesthetic and ARGB lighting.

MSI’s CoreLiquid series feature a unique design where the pump has been integrated into the radiator for sound dampening and noise reduction. The durable three phase motor at the core of the pump generates minimal vibrations for long-lasting operation with a motor ceramic bearing that has been designed to provide up to 100,000 hours life expectancy.

Get your MSI motherboard today

The motherboards listed above are just a few of the versions available in the extensive MSI Z490 range. MSI products are available at leading South African retailers like Takealot, Evetech, Wootware, Computer Mania, Matrix Warehouse, and many more.

Businesses looking to add these and other MSI products to their range can place orders with local tech distributor Syntech. Not a registered reseller? Sign up with Syntech today via an effortless and streamlined online application.

Images of more leading MSI Z490 motherboards are below.

MPG Z490 Gaming Plus
MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Wifi
MPG Z490M Gaming Edge Wifi
MAG Z490 Tomahawk
Z490-A Pro
MEG Z490 Ace
MEG Z490I Unify

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MSI Z490 Motherboards – Elite gaming performance